Writing Dialogue

Tips and advice on writing dialogue

Writing dialogue that is effective is often what distinguishes the professional writer from the wanna-be. This is not surprising as dialogue is probably the most difficult eriting element to conquer.

Many writers struggle to make their dialogue sound natural. It takes skill and practice to make written words come out as spoken words.

These articles and websites offer expert advice from professional writers to help you overcome any problems you may have writing dialogue.

Writing Dialogue

10 Creative techniques for Writing Character-specific Dialogue
There are many ways to craft authentic dialogue. These techniques focus on giving each character a voice that is distinct from every other character and from the narrator.

Breathing Life into Dialogue
It is the action and body language that allows us to interpret the meaning of the words. Since the reader cannot see the character talking, it is our job to describe all the information the reader needs.

Dazzling Dialogue Tips
A few quick tips for creating dazzling dialogue:

Dialogue Tags
The dialogue tags tell us when someone is speaking and identifies the character.

Dialogue: the Best Action
Dialogue is more interesting than description because it tells us more.

Dialogue Dos and Don’ts
Here are some things good dialogue should do...

Dialogue Workshop
Dialogue is about demonstrating character through conflict, either internal or external...

How to Improve Your Dialogue
Fourteen tips/guidelines:

How to Write Dialogue
5 great ways to make sure your dialogue sounds convincing.

The King of Dialogue Rules
Of all the dialogue rules you will read about in this section on writing dialogue, this one is the most important - which is why it's the king!

Speaking of Dialogue
Get your characters talking like real people, and you'll find that the readers will be talking too - and saying favorable things about your work.

Top 8 Tips for Writing Dialogue
It takes time to develop a good ear, but noting these simple rules and obvious pitfalls can make a huge difference.

Using Dialogue Tags Effectively
Veering too much from "he said/she said" only draws attention to the tags.

Writing dialogue
Free creative writing course.

Writing to Inspire
Writing Dialogue That Works

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