Writers Stories

Writers Stories: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly....

Don't you just love to hear about a writer's success? How they tackled the agent from hell and finally got a publishing contract or after years of writing they finally finished their book and were accepted by a publisher or even the excitement of a writer selling her very first article.

It's just so wonderful to know that fellow writers are having success with their chosen career. These stories give us enjoyment - and hope that we too can find our success.

Of course, there's the other side too. But sharing the trials and tribulations can help us get over them - and get back on the road to success.

That's what this page is all about. It's an invitation to you to share your stories of bad experiences, successes - and well, to brag a bit!

Do You Have a Success Story?
Want to Brag a Bit?

Success Stories

Do you have a writer related story? Have you had a bad agent or publisher relationship? Have you sold an article, a short story or manuscript? Got anything you want to brag about or share?

It's easy to do, simply fill out the form below. You can include your name, or you can remain anonymous - but there's no fun in that! We all want to share in your joy and success...

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The First Time I Became A Published Writer Not rated yet
Ever so often, I had told myself that I could do it. But there were so many people in my life, who had kept telling me that I could not do it. But the …

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