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A Winning Website Design

Planning a personal web site is pretty easy, because it’s all about you. But when planning a money-making web site you really need to design a web site that caters to your business goals and your customers.

First and foremost your site must be visitor friendly. That means visitors must be able to find things quickly and easily - making a good navigation system your #1 priority.

You also need to design your site for easy access by search engines. Free targeted traffic is important for any money-making site, so make sure you have plenty of good content, relevant keywords, and proper keyword density.

Plan your web site to focus on customer needs. Your pages should reflect the benefits of your products, emphasizing the benefits and solving problems. Don’t try to "hard sell" products or services. Layout your pages to make benefits easy to find using bullets, pictures, etc.

Using headlines and sub-headlines will not only grab visitor’s attention, they break up your pages making them easier to read and navigate. Using keywords in your headlines will also make points with the search engines.

Your ultimate goal is to turn your visitors into customers. Your web site design should reflect that goal. Design every page as its own mini site. Wow them with your content, provide easy navigation to other pages on your site, and make the ordering process simple - and you’ll have a winning web site design!

Website Design Resources

The software and books listed here are recommended resources that will take you from beginner to accomplished web site designer - and beyond.

Web Design Search Engine Optimization
A high search engine ranking can be a more effective publicity tool than paid advertising. In this section you'll find the web publishing resources, tips and strategies you need to put your web site at the top of the rankings.

Web Design Web site Content
Good web site content should keep your visitors engaged while directing these potential customers to take the action you want them to take. Find tutorials, tips, free content and much more...

Web Design Web site Tools
Find the tools and services you need to design, build and grow your web site.

Web Design Free Video Tutorials
Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Acrobat, Quark, Poker, 3D Max, and many more Video Tutorials and other Cool Stuff from Video-tutes.

Web Design Easy Web Video
Easy Web Video is a simple '1-2-3' method for putting ANY video on ANY web site in just a matter of minutes. V2F software transforms huge video files into small, Internet-ready flash videos in minutes. You can easily publish video on your web site, blog, eBay auctions, even in your email. There are many different player styles to choose from and you get free upgrades of this software for life.

Web Design Spin Your Web
Easily create money making web sites - and without high priced designers or expensive software. This training package will teach you everything you need to know from concept to receiving orders, all within 5 hours. You'll receive 25 video presentations and be able to watch and be instructed as a web site is created from start to finish.

Web Design Audio Wizard
Simple step-by-step wizard that creates everything you need to add audio to your web site in just minutes. Let's face it, audio driven web sites are taking the Internet by storm. Audio Wizard makes your web pages come alive. Adding audio buttons allows your visitors to interact more within your site. There are no monthly payments, this is a product that you will own.

Web Design Solo Build It
Solo Build It! provides all the software, tools and techniques you need to build a web site that is content rich and traffic targeted. Ken Evoy is the master builder and has provided a power packed program for building a successful, money-making web site. Ken takes you step-by-step, from concept to completion, explaining how and why all along the way.

In addition to the invaluable information, your domain name, a year of web site hosting and an enormous amount of tools not found anywhere else is included with this unique web publishing system.

More Website Design Resources

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