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Content is still King! A successful web site should contain at least some original content. Quality content will attract far more traffic to your web site than flashy graphics, splash pages and gimmicks. Continually updating and adding to your content will induce visitors to return - and this should be your goal. It usually takes at least 6-8 visits before a customer will make a purchase.

Here you'll find tips, ideas and links to build your web site with content that will keep your visitors coming back time and time again...

Copywriting Resources

Copywriting is an essential tool for building a successful web site. What is copy writing for the web? Summed up, it is writing the right words, in the right way to the right people to successfully sell your concepts, products and/or services. The resources below will provide instruction, tips and strategies for writing good web site content for your Internet business.

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Website Content Ideas

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Content is the most important component of your website. It's the key to your website's success. Done properly website content places you strategically in the search engines to bring visitors and customers to your site. It is also the glue that keeps visitors at your site and motivates them to go from page to page - and ultimately to buy your products or services.

When writing for your website make your content social. In other words write in a way that promotes discussion and social interaction. Encouraging people to leave comments and opinions can create a buzz around your site - and it will bring people back to see if their comments were answered.

Make your site an information hub. Provide good information through articles, product reviews, industry news and the like. Make sure your website content is written for people and not search engines by not throwing in keywords just to get a good keyword count. Your information needs to be easily readable for your visitors.

If you're looking for ideas on providing good content, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Write Reviews
Write reviews on products, books, software, or blogs that are pertinent to your niche or your visitors. This type of website content is very popular on the web, for no more effort or cost than making your pages search engine optimized.

Product Comparisons
If you sell products, write reviews about them as well as comparisons of other like products to give your customers a realistic view of the features and benefits. When you write a review always include a not so great point or two so that your review doesn't seem prejudice..Make sure you also include a disclaimer on your website.

How-to Articles
Provide step-by-step instructions on how to a particular task or solve a particular problem that is relevant to your niche. People are always looking for this type of information and once again your SEO pages will bring outside traffic in to read your information.

FAQ Page
Create a 'Frequently Asked Questions' page on a particular topic or product. Answer real questions people have. It will help them, and you’ll increase your credibility and build your brand.

Interview clients and experts that fall into your niche, If you sell a product target people who have used your business tools or can reliably pinpoint the ways in which tools like yours are so useful. Another idea is to interview an expert marketer that can explain marketing to those who are new to your industry or interview a niche expert who has written a book on the topic. There are many great ideas for interviews.

Prepare a list of about 10 questions that you would like your expert or client to answer. Send the list of questions via email, with a brief and polite request for the interview to be returned by a specific date. Let the potential interviewee know exactly how you plan on using the information they submit, how to contact you with questions, and where they will be able to find the published interview.

Install a Forum
A forum is an excellent way to increase your site visitors involvement on your site. It also provides a good way to help others.

Information is the best website content you can provide, after all the Internet is the information highway. Make sure your visitors can find the information that they're looking for quickly and easily. Make it clear that you will be adding more regularly and visitors will return to read it. Articles are always a first choice but you can also create tutorials for particular subjects to provide in-depth information. Just make sure that all of your information is really useful and you will have no problem getting visitors back.

There is an ever-expanding choice of technologies that you can prepare your informative content in. You might want to try interspersing things like relevant audio clips, streaming video, mp3 files, or Powerpoint presentations and content slide-shows with your text-based information.

If you have problems writing or converting your ideas into a successful website or blog, grab one of the eBooks in the Copywriting Resource Section above, or consider using private label rights content. You might also consider using a freelance service to write your website content.

Web Content Resources

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