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Publishing a web site is not just for professionals anymore! With the right information and resources anyone can build a professional web site. The Web Publishing Guide provides in-depth resources for all areas of publishing to the web; including search engine optimization, web site design, content, and promotion.

Web Publishing Quick Tips

Where Do I Go?
Make it easy for your visitors to find information, products and order forms. The average web surfer has a short attention span. Making it easy to find information will increase the time they spend on your web site and the probability that users will buy your products.

Make It Fast...
A quick load time is essential. Web surfers are an impatient lot! If they have to wait over 10 seconds for your site to load, many of them will simply click away. Keep it simple, keep graphics to a minimum and forget splash pages and the like.

Clean It Up!
Your web pages should be clean, uncluttered and focused. A cluttered, confusing site will make visitors quickly click away.

Looking Good!
Plan your layout, colors, fonts and graphics carefully. If your web site does not look pleasing, even potentially loyal visitors will not go past your home page.

Be My Friend...
Make sure your web site is search engine friendly! A high ranking with search engines can be your best advertising. Your pages should designed to make it easy for search engines to read, and optimized for the best placement.

Web Publishing Resources

Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization is the process of improving a web site for higher search engine rankings. A high search engine ranking can be a more effective publicity tool than paid advertising. In this section you will find the web publishing resources, tools, tips and strategies to help put your web site on top.

Web site Content
Ideally your web site content will guide visitors thru your web site. Good web site content should keep your visitors engaged while directing these potential customers to take the action you want them to take. Find tutorials, tips, free content and much more...

Web site Design
First and foremost to successful web publishing is the design. From attracting and retaining visitors to search engine positioning, the design of your web site is a critical element in web publishing. This section provides how to's, resources and articles on web site design.

Web site Promotion
There really is no secret to web site promotion. It takes a careful application of time and effort in search engine optimization, developing link popularity, good keyword density and a continual marketing campaign. Here you will learn what you need to do and find the resources to do it!

Web Tools and Services
This section contains web tools and services for creating and maintaining your web site.

Solo Build It
Solo Build It! provides all the software, tools and techniques you need to build a web site that is content rich and traffic targeted. Ken Evoy is the master builder and has provided a power packed program for building a successful, money-making web site. Ken takes you step-by-step, from concept to completion, explaining how and why all along the way.

In addition to the invaluable information, your domain name, a year of web site hosting and an enormous amount of tools not found anywhere else is included with this unique publishing system.Read my review Here

Easy Web Video
Easy Web Video is a simple '1-2-3' method for putting ANY video on ANY web site in just a matter of minutes. V2F software transforms huge video files into small, Internet-ready flash videos in minutes. You can easily publish video on your web site, blog, eBay auctions, even in your email. There are many different player styles to choose from and you get free upgrades of this software for life.

Online Branding Domination
Jump to the head of the line and leave your competitors in the dust with these simple branding secrets you can use to brand yourself and your business - and apply them immediately...

More Publishing Resources

What Not to do When Building Your Website
How to Build Your Website Quickly and Easily

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