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The Victorian era was the period of Queen Victoria's rule from 1837 to 1901. It was preceded by the Georgian period and succeeded by the Edwardian period.

This era was a exciting period when many artistic styles, literary schools, political and religious movements flourished. It was a time of prosperity, broad imperial expansion, and political reform.

The Victorian Era was also a time that today we associate with "prudishness" and "repression". It was certainly a complex age filled with industrial and political improvements - it was the beginning of Modern Times.

General Victorian Period Resources

1876 Victorian England Revisited
Learn how a middle-class Victorian family lives; how they decorate their homes, entertain, and play. You will have a chance to go shopping and learn about the "proper Victorian way" and much more...

Inventors and Inventions
Inventors and Inventions from 1851-1900 - the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century.

Jack the Ripper
Introduction, list of suspects, witnesses, police documents and more about this Victorian serial killer

Lombard Street
A Description of the Money Market. A classic analysis of the British banking system which was the basis for reform for many other European banking systems.

An Online Dating Guide to Courting in the Victorian times
An article on the courting customs of the Victorian period, with links to additional sites.

Eras of Elegance
A brief history of the Victorian Era in America.

Britian Express
Articles on daily life in Victorian England.

Empress Victoria
History of Queen Vitoria and her times.

Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management
A guide to all aspects of running a household in Victorian Britain.

Queen Victoria
Annotated Bibliography for Queen Victoria.

Queen Victoria Biography
The complete text of the biography by Lytton Strachey.

Railways in the 19th Century
History of railways and the people involved in building them in Victorian Britain.

Useful Dates in British History
Timeline of important historical dates in British history.

Victoria's Past
Unique and informative blending of the culture of the US and England during the Victorian Era.

Victorian Education
A brief history of education in Victorian England. Includes a typical day, and the tools and books used to teach Victorian children

Victorian England
An overview of life in Victorian England.

Victorian England: An Introduction
An informative article descrbing Victorian England

Victorian London
An extensive site which explores daily life in Victorian London.

Victorian London Map
Close-ups of what the city looked like in Victorian times.

Victorian Turkish Bath
The origin of the Victorian Turkish Bath, it's development, & gradual decline.

Victorian Web
Literature, history and culture in the age of Victoria.

Victorian Websites
Excellent source of links to everything Victorian, plus links to Regency and Romanticism.

Extensive source of articles and resources to Victorian living

Victorian Era in America

19th Century Clothing
Clothing resource for the Civil War and other Victorian Eras.

American Victorian Period
Written for antique collectors but provides excellent pictures and information on period pieces of the time.

American Civil War
Links to sites depicting life during the American Civil War.

Eye Wutness to the 19th Century
Stories through the eyes of those who experienced it.

Historical Census Browser
Data describing the people and economy of the U.S. by state and county from 1790 to 1970

Orphan Trains of Kansas
Stories and artifacts of those who were part of the Orphan Train Movement from 1867-1930.

The Overland Trail
A look at the trail, the route and the ride, with links to more sites

Panoramic Maps 1847-1929
A division of the Library of Congress, this site has panoramic maps of major U.S. cities, with the ability to zoom in on any area of the map.

Victorian America
Information on how Americans lived and were influenced by the Victorian Era.

Victorian Era
An overview of victorian America. Site also contains extensive Victorian resources.

Victorian Mourning Customs of Nineteenth-Century America
Would You Have Made A Good Victorian Mourner? Take this quiz (with appropriate answers) to find out...

Victorian Style Houses
Guide to Victorian House Styles, 1840 to 1900 - Favorite Homes from the Industrial Age.

Victorian Arts

19th-Century Art
Links to Pre-Raphaelite, Victorian and Edwardian resources.

Aspects of the Victorian Book
Production and publishing practices of victorian books. Also a collection of graphics of the day.

Charles Dickens Gad's Hill Place
Learn about the life and work of Charles Dickens. It's also home to the largest collection of Dickens quotations on the web

List of Artists
Alphabetical list of Victorian and Edwardian artists and short bios on each.

The Pre-Raphaelites
A page dedicated to the Pre-Raphaelites.

Punch Magazine
A brief history of this British publication, with reproductions of its famous cartoons.A brief history of this British publication, with reproductions of its famous cartoons.

Romantic Chronology
A Chronological listing of Events connected with the Arts

Theaters in Victorian London
Detailed information about many 19th century theatres.

Victorian Cinema
A biographical guide of the earliest years of moving pictures, 1871-1901

Victorian Poets
Poets and poems of the victorian age.

Victorian Popular Music
Leaf through illustrated sheet music for 188 songs and piano pieces from the heyday of Victorian Music Hall to discover an entertaining sidelight on Victorian society

The Victorian Web
A comprehensive list of theatres in Victorian London, with a brief history for each.

Victorian Fashion

Diary Of A Young Girl
Read a girl's account of her trials and tribulations with her first real corset

Morbid Outlook
Victorian Mourning Garb

The Victorian Era
Fashion and costume history as well as customs spanning 1837 to 1901.

Victorian Bridal Museum
Relive the romanticism of the Victorian Era, with authentic bridal costumes.

Victorian Hats
Order custom-made Victorian hats

Victorian Ladies Clothing
All types of women's clothing from the Victorian Era and other eras as well.

Victorian Mourning Customs
Customs and dress during the mourning period in Victorian times.

Victorian Timeline
History of Victorian fashion from 1830 to 1900.

Recommended Resources

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