The First Time I Became A Published Writer

by Miriam A. Trowers
(Washington,DC 20009)

Ever so often, I had told myself that I could do it. But there were so many people in my life, who had kept telling me that I could not do it. But the sad part about it, was, that Just before my book went to print... one of my most confident friend, and one who had really believed in me, died. But it was wonderful to hear these words from his lips. "I know you could do It." My head started to spin, and a tear came to my eyes, because we were now seperated, and a million miles away from each other, and we could not give hugs and kisses anymore. But when I hung up the phone that day, I could feel the warmth of his love pouring all over me. "Thank you for saying that." I said, and I imagine his boyish smile, that he had still kept, over the years well passed his fiftieth birthday. What wouldn't I not do, just to touch his face, and to tell him how happy it had made me, to see my work in print. For the many weeks that followed, I lived the life of a royalty. People would stop me in the streets. Some would bow their heads in reverence, whenever they saw me. The writing life is really a wonderful thing. But the most wonderful feeling in the world, is to become a published author.
Miriam A. Trowers
Washington, DC

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