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Today, alternative forms of publishing have become popular. As eBooks have gained ground on traditional hardcover books, subsidy publishing has lost much of the stigma that plagued it for so many years. Subsidy publishers generally charge a fee for publication and then pay royalties to the authors.

This listing is not an endorsement of the publishers but an informational listing only. Please make sure that you understand any contract before signing.

ePublisher: Non-subsidy, Subsidy or Reseller?

Subsidy Publishers Listing

Aventine Press
Provides a basic publishing package and offers additional services, individually priced, for you to choose, or not, at your discretion or level of publishing experience.

Beginner eBook Publishing
Offers a wide range of services, including eBook conversion, Digital Print-on-Demand, and Marketing packages.

Bookstand Publishing
Offers 4 publishing packages, which do not include marketing or distribution services. Extra services are available for fees. Author earns a 30% royalty.

Offers complete publishing, inventory-free fulfillment and online distribution services for independent publishing. Whether your book is in ready-to-print format or a working draft requiring editing, illustration, or formatting, services are offered to create and distribute your desired book.

Dog Ear Publishing
Choose from 4 publishing package sand several levels of editing and marketing services.

Offers 2 full service publishing packages, plus you can create eBooks, CD's, Calendars amd more. Also offers marketing and distribution packages.

Outskirts Press
Choose from a range of publication packages. The company offers marketing and distribution services for additional fees. Authors may choose their royalty rates depending on the package purchased.

3 publishing packages offered, from basic conversion to full-fledged publishing and distribution. All packages have optional extras to choose from. Formatting for conversion is handled by human formatters - not automated.

SilverWood Books
UK ePublisher offers three publishing packages along with several writer's services and Book promotion tools.

An ebook publishing and distribution platform for ebook authors and publishers. Offers multi-format, DRM-free ebooks readable on any e-reading device.

Suspense Publishing
Suspense Magazine's publishing division offers eBook publishing of works of suspense, mystery, thriller and horror. Includes distribution and marketing.

Trafford Publishing
Various publishing packages and options are available as well as individual services for editing, marketing, design and more.

Self publishing services include complete book design, editing, distribution, returnability, print on demand (POD), and e-commerce.

WingSpan Press
One basic publishing service package to publish and market your book Can upgrade to a print book for an added cost. Other services available as well.

Xlibris Publishing
Several publishing packages, including eBooks and leather bound books. Also offers an array of add-on services and options.

Xulon Press
Subsidy publisher of christian books offers 3 publishing packages plus marketing and other add on services.

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