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Solo Build It! Review
Website and Business Building Program

Do you want to start your own online business and have absolutely no idea how to begin?

Oh sure, you may know your niche, but you have no technical ability, no idea how to build a web site, and may know nothing of building a business either - and yet you do see the opportunity of an Internet business.

I know what you're going through because I've been there. I started my business in 2001, and I'm happy to say that it has become a successful endeavor.

But it wasn't always that rosy! When I began, all I knew about the Internet was how to shop. I was in a quandary trying to figure out how to start the business that I believed could be a success. While surfing for information one day (yes, I also knew how to surf!) I found my answer.

What I found was Solo Build It! The sales page promised to show me how to build my online business, build my web site (all I had to do was put in information and the page would be mysteriously built for me), register my domain name, brainstorm keywords (whatever that meant), and show me how to rank in the search engines so my site could be found.

Solo Build It! was just what I had been looking for. Problem was, it wasn't what I considered cheap, so I really had to think about it. In the end I decided that this was a business investment, an investment for my future - so I went for it!

This is what I found:

There are actually three parts to the Solo Build It! system. The Action Guide is a 600 page manual that guides you through the process - the desktop application does all of the research and brainstorming prior to building your web site, and - the online application which enables you to build your web site without any knowledge of web site design, HTML, graphics or programming.

The Action Guide provides do's and don'ts for your web site and your online business. It provides invaluable information on the importance of content, PREselling products, and search engine ranking, to name a few. The Guide is jam-packed with information and takes you on a web site, business building journey that can change your life.

The Brainstorm and Research software program will provide you with a time effective way to research your business ideas and will tell you if your on a profitable track or not. But it doesn't stop there. If your keywords are not in the profitable column, it will provide you with words and phrases that are - it provides options that you can build on.

If you use the SiteBuilder to build your pages, all you have to do is prepare your keywords, title, description and text, and place them in the form boxes. SiteBuilder will translate your input into a Web page. You can preview your page and make necessary changes and then your ready to analyze it. With the click of a button, SiteBuilder will analyze your page for the Search Engines. It will tell you if something is wrong - and it will tell you how to fix it. When you are done, simply click on "Build It" and your ready for the next page!

The Traffic Center provides your statistics and important information on your visitors. It also provides a cost-effective way to drive highly targeted traffic to your site, via Pay-Per-Click Search Engines. The SBI! Manager enables you to research the top 20 bids for your keywords at the major PPC Engines, and will also enable you to bid on those keywords at the click of a button.

Other benefits of the Solo Build It! system are free domain name hosting, a full-featured publishing program for publishing your own newsletter, a forum where you can get questions answered and help if you need it, a full administrative support system, and much more...

Click Here and listen to actual users and their experiences with the SBI program

To give you an idea of how successful the SBI program can be for you, this is an independent study of web sites built with SBI, done by

35% ranked in the top 1% of all web site traffic.
53% were in the top 2%; and
62% were in the top 3%.

Those are pretty impressive statistics, but like anything you buy there are a few downsides. For instance, the SiteBuilder graphics are a little outdated and the templates are only one-column. You do have the option of using DreamWeaver or other web-building program and up-loading them to the server, but that certainly distracts from the ease-of-use idea being promoted. My solution was to change the template to suit my needs, and it's worked extremely well.

But if your business requires a high-tech image, SBI may not be right for you.

Another potential downside is that SBI is a fully hands-on program. If you don't put in your time and effort to succeed, it probably won't happen. Solo Build It! provides the tools, information and marketing guidance that are virtually unparalleled in any other package I've seen, but it all comes down to what you are going to put into your business.

Is Solo Build It! for you?

SBI is for anyone who is serious about succeeding online - in any niche. It is aimed towards the beginner with little experience with an online business or with web-building. However, the extensive tools and services are useful to those with much greater experience as well.

I can honestly say that if I hadn't started with Solo Build It! with all the necessary learning tools at hand, and my web site built for me, it would have taken me about 4 times as long to really get up and running. Sure, I would have done it eventually, but with SBI I could immediately concentrate on building my business and making an income instead of first learning HTML and how to build a web site. For me, that was the real bonus to the program.

I still use SBI today, (even though I've learned HTML and I've built other web sites) simply because it's a great program that continuously adds more and more features. The value is unprecedented in today's world and the support system is unlike any other I've found.

Click Here for more information on how to get your business started today!

To Your Online Success!
Diane Thomas

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