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What Is Self-Publishing?

Self- Publishing
Simply put, it means you are the publisher and are responsible for all aspects of production, marketing and distribution of your book. This is not to say that you have to perform every task, but you do have to make sure each task gets done - and you will bear the costs to have them done.

In exchange for taking on these responsibilities and costs yourself, you'll have complete control over your book and the profit it generates.

However, before you begin, keep this one thing in mind - writing is an art but publishing is a business! If you're going to take on the publishing responsibilities you'll need to prepare and follow a business plan,

Before you jump in, why not take our Quiz to see if self-publishing is for you...

Now that you know you're ready to take on self-publishing, you'll find plenty of resources below to assist you, Just follow the links and you'll find vendors, software, legal, business and other resources. Best of luck to you with your new book!


Advice and information regarding Self-Publishing.

Book Reviewer Directory:
Large listing of book reviewers.

Copyright Resources
Faq's and information on copyright issues.

eBook Compilers:
Software used for creating ebooks.

eBook Promotion:
Information about marketing and promoting ebooks.

eBook Readers:
Software programs and devices for reading and storing electronic books.

Listing of book editors.

ePublisher Services Directory:
Vendors providing services for eBook Publishing, including eBook design, cover art and conversion services.

Publisher Associations:
Organizations and groups related to publishing.

Web Publishing:
Building and promoting your web site.

Solo Build It

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Consider Outsourcing These 3 Things

Unless you have specific experience in these areas you should consider outsourcing to professionals:

Editing: Even the most skilled writer can have problems spotting all the errors in their manuscript. In traditional publishing, editing is always part of the process - so don't leave yourself out in the cold with what may turn into glaring mistakes.

Book Layout: There is a lot more that goes into laying out the design of a book than most of us may realize. The last thing you want to do is put all of your energy into a project that turns out looking unprofessional.

Cover Design: Graphics can be very tricky. Unless you're an expert, you'll want your book cover designed by a professional. This is the first thing that a potential buyer sees, and if it looks amateurish, readers will naturally assume the same of the words inside. People do judge a book by it's cover, so don't offer this as a reason for them not to buy your wonderful book.

By outsourcing these critical items you will save yourself a lot of time that you can devote to other important things, such as marketing and promotion - and you'll have a superior product that you can take pride in.

Books On Self-Publishing

The Self-Publishing Manual: How To Publish and Promote Online
Follow the author's step-by-step advice on how to produce a commercially-successful book, get it into print quickly and easily, and learn the basics of book distribution through this fine guide.

Print-on-Demand Book Publishing
This book details the new method with which authors and publishers alike can use POD to cut costs and increase profits, while reaching new readers through the magic of Internet marketing.

Book Design and Production
This book will help you understand the book production process and the principles of good cover and interior book design.

Publishing for Profit: Successful Bottom-Line Management for Book Publishers
Written for the practicing professional just starting out or looking to learn new tricks of the trade,

The Copyright Permission and Libel Handbook
A step-by-step guide for writers, editors, and Publishers

Business Links
Better Business Bureau
Business Forms
Business Toolkit
US Government Resources

Legal Links
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Lawyer Locator
World Intellectual Property Organization

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