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Reviewers Of Fiction Books: A

A Backwards Story
Description: Bonnie is also interested in doing author promo, including blog tours and author interviews. When requesting a review, a book description or summary is required.
Categories: Favorite sub-genres are high fantasy, fairy tales and mythological retellings, and dystopian novels.

A Book Obsession
Description: Katie and Kirstin accept e-books and physical copies, check Review Policy for more information.
Categories: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal YA, Dystopian, Sci-Fi Fantasy

A Bookish Escape
Description: Accepting review requests, guest posts, author interviews, character interviews, and giveaways. Reviewers accept: e-books and physical copies.
Categories: YA, New Adult, Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy,Chick-Lit

A TiffyFit's Reading Corner
Description: Reviewer accepts: e-books and physical copies. Her preferred format for e-galleys is Mobi. She does frequent blog tours and other author requests.
Categories: YA paranormal, YA urban fantasy, YA fantasy, YA romance, adult urban/paranormal fantasy and romance, historical fiction, historical romance, sci-fi/fantasy, contemporary fiction/romance. No erotica and Christian fiction.

A Walk on Words
Description: Dani and Steph accept: e-books and physical copies. They also do blog tours and author interviews..
Categories: Paranormal, Dystopia, Fantasy, Romance, YA, Mystery, and Chick Lit. Does not accept Erotica, Nonfiction.

A Write to Review
Description: Lauren prefers ebooks in epub, mobi, and pdf. She also accepts paperback and/or hardbacks.
Categories: Young Adult, Paranormal/Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Romance, History. Does not accept Gay/lesbian/bisexual, memoirs, biographies, self help, cooking..

Aimee Beatrice Jodoin.
Description: Reviews published books, including self-published books and small presses. No ebooks.
Categories: Prefers literary fiction, some light science fiction. Does NOT accept: children's, young adult, fantasy, erotica, poetry.

Arms of a Sister
Description: Family-friendly book and product reviews. Monique posts to all the major websites. Contact before submitting.
Categories: Children's books, romance, mystery, suspense, chick lit, inspirational fiction. No fantasy, science fiction, poetry, nonfiction.

Reviewers Of Fiction Books: B

Description: Prefers print over ebooks.
Categories: Genres accepted: mostly literature. Does not accept:Adult/Erotica.

Bitsy Bling Books
Description: Charlie Courtland accepts ebooks as well as pbooks. Contact before submitting.
Categories: Most genres. No non-fiction or poetry.

Bitten by Romance
Description: Accepts: PDFs and paperbacks. If you want a certain reviewer, please let us know in the form when you request the review. All reviews are first come first served
Categories: Adult Romance meaning, Paranormal, Romantic Suspense, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Erotic Romance

Book in the Bag
Description: Books should be written in English. Genres NOT accepted: - Erotica.
Categories: Prefer sci-fi, fantasy, YA and non-fiction realms.

Bookingly Yours
Description: Only accept printed books. Jenai. also posts reviews in Goodreads, Book Blogs, Shelfari and in her Facebook account.
Categories: Young Adult, Middle Grade/Tween Novels, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Crime, Horror, Mystery, Fantasy, Children's

Reviewers Of Fiction Books: C

Chaotic Compendiums
Description: Caitlin works from both major publishers, small presses, and some self-published works.
Categories: Literary fiction, mysteries/thrillers, horror, history, memoirs, social sciences, children's literature. Not interested in Christian/religious books, business/finance, romance.

Clean Romance Reviews
Description: Prefers physical copies.
Categories: Accepts only clean romance and YA. No adult, no erotica, and no "steamy" romance.

Closed the Cover
Description: Submit review requests through the website.
Categories: Historical Fiction, Autobiography, Memoirs, Biography, Western, Mystery, Sports. No Erotica, paranormal, Science Fiction, Young Adult.

Crommich Industries
Description: I prefer to get a .pdf so I can mark it up as I read.
Categories: Science-fiction, Fantasy

Curling Up By The Fire
Description: Stephanie will accept indie and small press on a case by case basis. Posts to: LibraryThing, Amazon, Goodreads. Please query before submitting.
Categories: Suspense, mystery, thriller, fantasy, YA, paranormal, historical fiction, science-fiction. Does NOT accept: Erotica.

Reviewers Of Fiction Books: D

Danielle. Wife. Author. Mother
Description: Contact the blog host before submitting: Danielle need at least one month in advance to be able to place the review within a specified date range. With three months in advance being preferable)
Categories: Fantasy, science fiction, romance. Occasionally maybe a little historical fiction or mystery.

Reviewers Of Fiction Books: E

Earth's Book Nook
Description: Heather accepts: e-books and physical copies.
Categories: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Epic Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Mystery/Thriller, Suspense, Horror. No non-fiction, biographies, christian books,self help, romance.

Electively Paige
Description: Prefers print copies, accepts ebooks.
Categories: Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult Fiction books. Will occasionally accept Children's and Middle Grade Fiction

Reviewers Of Fiction Books: F

Flights of Fantasy
Description: Marian does not accept ebooks.
Categories: Prefers science and fantasy, but is open to other genres.

Free Book Reviews
Description: Prefer authors to submit a coupon for Smashwords or gift from Amazon. We also accept mailed print copy.
Categories: Accepts most genres except Erotica.

Reviewers Of Fiction Books: G-H

Guiltless Reading
Description: Accepts only physical books including paperback, hardcover and ARCs - no ebooks.
Categories: Modern and contemporary fiction, including literary fiction, historical fiction, chick lit, and young adult books. Also illustrated children's books and non-fiction..

Happy Indulgence
Description: Preferred format: MOBI. Contact before submitting
Categories: Young adult, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, sci-fi and dystopian

Hardcover Feedback
Description: Accept published and pre-published (ARC) books in the following formats: printed books, audiobooks and e-books (Kindle format).
Categories: Christian fiction, historical, romance, mystery, suspense, thriller, fantasy, Young Adult

Heart Breaking Reviews
Description: Include on your request the name, synopsis and expected published review(until when are you willing to wait for our review post) of the book you are requesting for and if you are willing to do a giveaway for that book as well.
Categories: Romance, Young Adult(YA), Fiction, Chick Lit, Fantasy, Suspense, Sci-Fi, Religious-Spiritual Fiction.

Reviewers Of Fiction Books: I-J

Jersey Girl Book Reviews
Description: All book reviews will be posted on this blog site, in addition to the following sites: Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, Shelfari, Smashwords, Book Blogs, and my Twitter page (Jersey Girl Book Reviews) and my Facebook pages Jersey Girl Book Reviews and The Book Reviewers Club
Categories: Chick Lit, Contemporary Romance, Women's Fiction, Christian Fiction and Mystery Suspense Thrillers

Just Another Rabid Reader
Description: Lisa reviews self published authors, indie authors, small press authors, and large press authors, authors of all kinds on a case by case basis.
Categories: General Fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, paranormal, scifi, contemporary fiction, historical romance, christian fiction, pretty much anything else except erotica, adult content,.

Just Books and Books
Description: Marie reviews spanish-language books
Categories: YA, Romance, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, paranormal

Reviewers Of Fiction Books: K-L

Literary R & R
Description: Contact before submitting, reviewers prefer different formats...
Categories: Most genres, depending on reviewer.

Luxury Reading
Description: Will accept most genres on a case by case basis. Must query first.
Categories: Most Genres.

Reviewers Of Fiction Books: M-P

Mama's Book Corner
Description: Does not accept western, graphic novels, erotica genres.
Categories: Young adult, fantasy, general fiction, mystery/suspense, historical fiction, science fiction, thrillers, children's books.

Man of La Book
Description: Zohar is a serious reviewer who accepts self-published books, but only if they are professionally edited.
Categories: History, historical fiction, Jewish themes, Jewish protagonist, biographies, fiction about Africa and the Middle East, fiction and non-fiction espionage.

Mike Draper
Description: Mike does not accept ebooks. Posts book reviews to Goodreads, Shelfari, Library Thing, Google.
Categories: General fiction, mysteries, historical fiction, light romance, western and thrillers.

My Book Addiction and More
Description: Reviews will be posted to Amazon, BN Librarything, Shelfair, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads
Categories: Romance (all sub-genres),fiction, Christian, Children's, Young Adult, Audio, erotica(with limits), non-fiction(with limits)

Off The Book
Description: Accept both physical and e-books for review.
Categories: YA fiction, contemporary fiction, classics and biographies to political non-fiction and history.

My Life. One Story at a Time.
Description: Donna does not accept Horror, Erotica, YA, Paranormal, or Sci-Fi.
Categories: Memoir, non-fiction, romance, suspense, historical romance/fiction, chick lit, contemporary romance, and sometimes comedy/humor.

OkBo Lover
Description: Does not accept: Christian, romance, eooks, and self-help books. Contact before submitting.
Categories: Mystery/thriller/horror, Sci-fi, Fantasy, YA and Middle Grade (all genres, depending on what the plot is about) and Historical Fiction

Pam Funke's Book Reviews
Description: Accepts physical or Kindle copies of the book for reviews only.
Categories: Christian Fiction, Thrillers, Mystery, Adventure, Suspense

Paranormal Cravings
Description: Accept Advance Reader Copies for review and they must be received 30 days (for a print copy) or 15 days (for a digital copy) prior to the release date.
Categories: All paranormal: YA, Adult Paranormal Romance (incl. Sci-fi), Urban Fantasy etc.

Reviewers Of Fiction Books: Q-R

Rachel Cotterill Book Reviews
Description: Accepts Kindle compatible ebooks (MOBI, AZW or PRC)
Categories: Crime, Thriller, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Chick-lit, Romance, Non-fiction (travel, history, and philosophy).

Readiculously Peachy
Description: If you do not receive a response from me that means that I unfortunately have not accepted your book for reviewing.
Categories: Dystopian, thriller, horror, adventurous, mystical, Sci-Fi, and romantic books

Reading Renee
Description: I will NO longer take copies of books unless it is from a blog tour or promo site I work with. I don’t like to review a book that I didn’t pay for. I feel that is the way I can be 100% honest about a book.
Categories: Romance/Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Fiction, Erotica, Mystery, Thrillers, Drama, YA, memoirs and autobiography.

Reading is my Superpower
Description: I read books for fun and I read books for a living, but the main reason I read is because I’m totally and completely addicted to the written word.
Categories: Chick lit, young adult, middle grade, fantasy, Christian, literary fiction, some historical fiction.

Regency Reader
Description: I am currently accepting review submissions for posts two months in advance.
Categories: Regency romance and Victorian romance only.

Description: Linda accepts mobi files.
Categories: Science fiction, fantasy, romance, young adult, coming of age, adventure, mysteries, thrillers, historical fiction and christian novels.

Reviewers Of Fiction Books: S

Silver's Reviews
Description: Accepts ebooks (iPad).
Categories: Mystery, suspense, thrillers, family dynamics, light historical fiction, fiction, women's fiction, female protagonists etc.

Succotash Reviews
Description: eBooks are accepted - as .mobi files and pdf files.
Categories: Non-fiction: outdoors, cooking, crafts; Fiction: crime, mystery, chick lit, erotica suspense.

Such a Novel Idea
Description: Accepts ebooks for Kindle (preferred) or Nook, printed ARCS/galleys, or books.
Categories: Young Adult/New Adult, Dystopian, Paranormal, Contemporary, Fantasy.

Reviewers Of Fiction Books: T

The Book Brothers
Description: Submit in any format you like.
Categories: Most fiction genres.

The Book Diva's Reads
Description: Prefer digital books in MOBI format for Kindle..
Categories: Romantic suspense, mystery, thrillers, suspense, YA, New Adult, and contemporary/modern fiction.

The Canary
Description: Accepts Books published through publishing houses, Indie publishing (self and/or limited copy venues
Categories: YA (Fantasy/Sci-fi YA only, please!), Fantasy, Science Fiction

The Flashlight Reader
Description: Will accept some non-fiction on a case-by-case basis.
Categories: Children's books, YA, paranormal romance, fantasy, poetry, historical fiction

The Romance Reviews
Description: Accept e-books in pdf or Kindle format.
Categories: All Romance Genre.

TNBBC's The Next Best Book Blog
Description: Check review guidelines and submissions policy before contacting.
Categories: Most forms of adult literary fiction and experimental fiction.

Top of the Heap Reviews
Description: Also accepts nonfiction - Sports, Movies, Hollywood type.
Categories: Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller/suspense, Comedy, Short Stories, Crime, Mystery, Children

Twisting the Lens
Description: Accept hard copies of books only.
Categories: Most Fiction, some non-fiction.

Reviewers Of Fiction Books: U-W

Unorthodox Mama
Description: Accepts indie authors, self published authors, big publishing house names, small press and the in between.
Categories: Science fiction, fantasy, children's books, picture books, young adult fiction, historical fiction, non fiction, steampunk, cyber punk.

Word Vagabond
Description: NO adult content or erotica accepted.
Categories: Mystery, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Literary Fiction, Young Adult, GLBT, Supernatural, multi-genre

Reviewers Of Fiction Books: X-Z

Your Book Reviews by MISSCSOLO
Description: Does author spotlights.
Categories: Most genres

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