Reviewers of Christian Books

Reviewers of Christian Books...

Reviewers of Christian Books

A Peek at My BookShelf
Description: Deena also does author interviews.
Categories: Christian fiction and non-fiction

Free Book Reviews
Description: Prefer authors to submit a coupon for Smashwords or gift from Amazon. We also accept mailed print copy.
Categories: Accepts most genres except Erotica.

Hardcover Feedback
Description: Accept published and pre-published (ARC) books in the following formats: printed books, audiobooks and e-books (Kindle format).
Categories: Christian fiction, historical, romance, mystery, suspense, thriller, fantasy, Young Adult

Heart Breaking Reviews
Description: Include on your request the name, synopsis and expected published review(until when are you willing to wait for our review post) of the book you are requesting for and if you are willing to do a giveaway for that book as well.
Categories: Romance, Young Adult(YA), Fiction, Chick Lit, Fantasy, Suspense, Sci-Fi, Religious-Spiritual Fiction.

Jersey Girl Book Reviews
Description: All book reviews will be posted on this blog site, in addition to the following sites: Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, Shelfari, Smashwords, Book Blogs, and my Twitter page (Jersey Girl Book Reviews) and my Facebook pages Jersey Girl Book Reviews and The Book Reviewers Club
Categories: Chick Lit, Contemporary Romance, Women's Fiction, Christian Fiction and Mystery Suspense Thrillers

Just Another Rabid Reader
Description: Lisa reviews self published authors, indie authors, small press authors, and large press authors, authors of all kinds on a case by case basis.
Categories: General Fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, paranormal, scifi, contemporary fiction, historical romance, christian fiction, pretty much anything else except erotica, adult content,.

Kindred Spirit Mommy
Description: Contact Lindsey directly.
Categories: Christian books and children's books

My Book Addiction and More
Description: Reviews will be posted to Amazon, BN Librarything, Shelfair, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads
Categories: Romance (all sub-genres),fiction, Christian, Children's, Young Adult, Audio, erotica(with limits), non-fiction(with limits)

Pam Funke's Book Reviews
Description: Accepts physical or Kindle copies of the book for reviews only.
Categories: Christian Fiction, Thrillers, Mystery, Adventure, Suspense

Reading is my Superpower
Description: I read books for fun and I read books for a living, but the main reason I read is because I’m totally and completely addicted to the written word.
Categories: Chick lit, young adult, middle grade, fantasy, Christian, literary fiction, some historical fiction.

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