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Renaissance Era and Mideival Era Resources for Writing....

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The Renaissance era encompasses the years from 1450 to 1600. This period marked the rebirth of humanism, and the revival of cultural achievements in all forms of art. The word "Renaissance" in itself is defined as a "rebirth" or "reconstruction".

Renaissance Era Resources

Elizabeth I
A site about Elizabeth I, including a biography, political history, daily life and much more.

Elizabethan England
The age of Shakespeare was a great time in English history. The reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603) saw England emerge as the leading naval and commercial power of the Western world.

Eye Witness to The Middle Ages and Renaissance
Hustory through the eyes of those who experienced it.

A look at the clothing of the times.

During the Renaissance, there were many new inventions and discoveries made, which changed the way people worked or looked at things. This is the timeline of those inventions.

Modern History Sourcebook
Take a trip through Elizabethan England, 1577

Around the 1490's is when costume historians can agree that the new dress for Renaissance began. This was the period of clothing that could be said that excessiveness in all areas of costume began.

Renaissance Faire
Accents, Costuming, etc., from Elizabethan times

Examines the cookery and food of the Renaissance; information about feasts and the availability of foods

Renaissance Era Sites and Elizabethan Resources
A plethora of links to Renaissance and Elizabethan sites.

The Renaissance was an age in which artistic, social, scientific, and political thought turned in new directions. This is a timeline of that era.

Tudor England
History of the Tudor dynasty with plenty of links and graphics.

Tudor England
The Monarchs, the people, the places and more...

Tudor Times
A history of the Tudor dynasty including the clothes, people, monarchs, etc.

Mideival Era Resources

eBook Crossroads
Characterizing the Middle Ages (Medeival) as a period of darkness falling between two greater, more intellectually significant periods in history is misleading. The Mideival Era was not a time of ignorance and backwardness, but rather a period during which Christianity flourished in Europe and brought with it new views of life and the world that rejected the traditions and learning of the ancient world.

Camelot International
Medieval history, European Royalty, Camelot overview and peerages, with a searchable index

Glossary of Castle Terms
Huge A-Z listing.

How to Cook Medieval
Lots of good information on foods, cooking serving, etc. Site still in progress so some categories are not available yet.

The Labyrinth
Links to Medieval Resources

Life in a Medieval Castle
Descriptions of the different parts of a castle and their uses.

The Lifestyle of Medieval Peasants
Article describing the lives of peasants in Medieval England.

Medieval and Renaissance Wedding Page
Informative page about wedding customs and procedures.

Medieval Castles
Medieval castles and information. Everything about the dark ages.

Medieval Names
A collection of articles on medieval and Renaissance names is intended to help historical re-creators to choose authentic names.

Medieval Resources
Links to history sites and other misc. sites.

Medieval Sourcebook
The Sourcebook is specifically designed for teaching Medievel history. Offers many links to other sites for medieval information /p>

Medieval Technology Pages
The Medieval Technology Pages are an attempt to provide accurate, referenced information on technological innovation and related subjects in western Europe during the Middle Ages.

Outlaws and Highwaymen
The History of Highwaymen and their predecessors, the Medieval Outlaws

Rape in the Middle Ages
The reporting, treatment, and punishment of rape in the Middle Ages.

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