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The English Regency period occurred roughly between 1790 and 1837. It took place between two rather distinctive periods; the Georgian Era, which dominated the 17th and 18th centuries, and the Romantic Period, which harkened the arrival of the Victorian age. This section offers insights and resources into that era.

Regency Period Resources

Chambers' Book Of Days
Detailed descriptions of key historical events, the life and times of people, both great and infamous, and long forgotten customs of cultures from every corner of the world in the year 1869,

The Complexion
Through all times and ages have women tried to improve their skin and combat the signs of aging; the Regency era was no exception. Lotions abounded, each more exotic than the other.

Correct Forms of Address
Explanations and charts of the complicated forms of address of the age.

English House Names
How to name a Regency English house.

Food and Drink in Regency England
A few recipes and cooking terms to use in your next novel.

Food Timeline
Food timeline and FAQs: meals & holiday entertaining

Georgian Index
Napoleonic era and more.

Glossary of Regency Terms
Use this glossary to better present the Regency time to your readers.

Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion
Small but detailed site with graphics and descriptions of Regency costume

The rules and regulations of marriage during Regency times.

Old and Interesting
Old & Interesting takes a look at how these everyday things were used, how people managed their home life - and more.

A Regency Era Primer
Articles and links describing the Regency Period and it's fashions.

What happened when during the Regency period...

1800's Costume History

Fashion Page
Collection of Regency clothing for different occasions and times.

Good resource for money, wages of the time..

All these names belonged to regency adults of the gentry and upper class, though that still covers up to three generations, and as we know, the popularity of names does change over the years.

The Regency Neckcloth
A history of the neckcloth in the Regency times and instructions on how to tie the different styles.

Listed on this page are resources that the reader might need to decipher the more archaic parts of our stories.

Fashion and women's popular novels of the periodfashion and women's popular novels of the period year-by-year.

Social Customs
A long lists of links by topic in alphabetical order offer information about Regency customs and life from the people who actually lived in the era,

To conceive or not to conceive...
Abstinence was one method of birth control, find out about the others...

Victoriana Magazine
Regency period fashions, decor and more...

Women's Legal position in Regency times
Learn about women's rights and their progression during the Regency times.

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