How and Why to Publish an Ezine

Should YOU Publish an eZine?

By Terri Seymour

Publishing an ezine is important to any online business. With an ezine, you can keep in contact with your customers and promote yourself and your business. You do this by building a relationship of trust and respect with your readers.

For those of you who might not know what an ezine ezine is simply an electronic newsletter or magazine mailed periodically to a list of opt-in subscribers. By opt-in, I mean that they have voluntarily signed up to receive your ezine from you.

This means that they have given their permission to receive updates, product recommendations, and other promotions from you. But, you also want to provide quality content for your readers.

DO NOT send your ezine to anyone who has not subscribed. I also strongly suggest that you make sure all your subscribers are double opt-in. This means that after they initially subscribe, you send them a confirmation email asking them to reply to make sure they are the one who has subscribed. This should prevent you from being accused of spam.

Another thing you need to do, is have your name, email address and mailing address in all commercial mailings sent out. This is in compliance with the recent Can Spam Laws. Another aspect of this law is misleading headers. Do not use misleading subject lines hoping to get readers to open your emails.

Some things you should strive for in your ezine publishing:

*Limited Advertising
*Bonding with Your Readers
*Quality not Quantity

Some things you should include in your ezine:

*Informative Articles
*Original Material
*Helpful Resource Links
*Quality Products
*Interaction with Your Readers
*Question & Answer
*Throw in Some Fun
*Add Some of Your Personality
*Your Contact Info and Physical Address
*Privacy Policy
*Table of Contents
*Welcome and Thank you to Subscribers
*Subscribe and Unsubscribe Info

Publishing an ezine is more than a smart business move. It can be personally rewarding as much as financially rewarding. Your readers get to be more than a number to you and they come to rely and depend on you and your ezine. This is a privilege I treasure and I am sure many of my fellow publishers do as well.

You may have doubts as to whether or not you can do this. Believe me, I had plenty of them myself when I wanted to start my first ezine. You can get past those doubts by not giving up and doing the best you can. You will find that those doubts become trivial after a short while.

Enjoy your ezine, have fun with it, be yourself and wonderful things will start to happen. At least they did for me. I met tons of great new people, my business flourished, I felt confident and developed a self-pride I had never had before!! This can all happen for you as well with your very own quality ezine!

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