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So you can answer the question, "Is this product right for me?"

These product reviews are presented to assist you in deciding which products are right for you. Products listed here are excellent products and the reviews will explain why we think so. Please read the reviews, visit the web sites, and then make your own educated decision.


Product Reviews

Product Reviews: Affiliate Business Blueprint Affiliate Code
Super affiliate Michael Jones reveals the free traffic system he created, that led him to earn $65K per month in affiliate marketing. He provides 8 video tutorials to show you how to start and maintain your own affiliate marketing business. Click here to read my product review

Product Reviews: The Amazing Formula The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy
The Amazing Formula includes step-by-step instructions on how to write "killer" sales letters, and not only shows you how to market your products, but how to obtain your own products as well. This alone is worth the price of the book. Read my product review here The Amazing Formula

Product Reviews: GetResponse Get Response
GetResponse is a remotely-hosted auto responder system that automates the task of sending scheduled, follow-up email marketing messages. Tools and tutorials are provided to assist you in collecting email addresses from visitors that are interested in your products and services. Read more of my product review by clicking here GetResponse Review

Product Reviews: Instant Book Writing Kit Instant Book Writing Kit
The Instant Book Writing Kit is a comprehensive 154-page manual for writing, publishing and marketing a book via three online distribution channels.: ePublishing, digital fulfillment and print-on-demand (POD). Read my product review here Instant Book Writing Kit

Product Reviews: Internet Marketing Course Internet Marketing Course
written by Corey Rudl, is a home study course containing sixty one powerful lessons broken down into a step by step, business building system. Read the entire product review here

Product Reviews: Kindle Paperwhite Kindle Paperwhite: The New Amazon eBook Reader
It's pretty obvious that Amazon is betting heavily on ebooks and has created a great line of ebook readers that it continually makes better. Yes, Amazon has ventured successfully into the tablet arena to give some competition to the Apple boys, but it's the ebook readers that are the base and mainstay of the Kindle family. Read the entire product review here

Product Reviews: Kindle Fire Kindle Fire: The New Amazon Tablet
When Amazon launched the original Kindle tablet, it marked the first time you could buy a decent tablet without paying hundreds of dollars. It succeeded in putting a dent in the Apple iPad market and let Apple know there was a new player in town. Obviously it doesn't offer everything the iPad does, but thsat's the whole point. Not everyone needs everything the iPad offers... Read the entire product review here

Product Reviews: Make Your Site Sell! Make Your Site Sell! 2002
You can find an infinite number of marketing books online, but none that explain how to maximize the sales potential of your web site in such detail as, Make Your Site Sell! by marketing master, Ken Evoy. Read more of my product review here Make Your Site Sell!

Product Reviews: Make Your Site Sell! Make Your Words Sell!
MYWS! is a copy writing course written completely from a web perspective. This is not a rehashed version of direct marketing material, rather it analyzes everything that works and teaches you how to write interesting and compelling copy that speaks to your web site visitors and converts those visits to sales. Read more of my product review here Make Your Words Sell!

Product Reviews: Novel Writing Made Easy Novel Writing Made Easy
Andrea Waggener’s Novel Writing Made Easy is aimed at beginning writers who want to write a novel, but just don’t know how to begin and those who have written, but just haven’t found the way to make their works publishable. Read my product review here Novel Writing Made Easy

Product Reviews: Solo Build It Solo Build It
Solo Build It! provides all the software, tools and techniques you need to build a web site that is content rich and traffic targeted. Ken Evoy is the master builder and has provided a power packed program for building a successful, money-making web site. Ken takes you step-by-step, from concept to completion, explaining how and why all along the way. Read my product review of this highly recommended product Here

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