Private Label Content Tips

The Money Making Possibilities of Private Label Content

If you have purchased a package of Private Label Content, are considering doing so, or are simply trying to discover if it's right for you, we have put together some ideas and how to's on using these rights to build your brand and your business.

One thing to remember when joining a membership site is to read carefully exactly what rights you have access to. Yes, it's supposed to be simple, but as with anything involving money, you want to be sure you have the rights to do what you may be considering.

Now on with your tips...

  1. Use Quality Products Only
    As the concept of Private Label Content catches on there are more and more sites offering products so you can afford to be choosy. Look into several sites and verify the quality of products being offered before you join or purchase a package.

    For a listing of Private Label Content Membership Sites Click Here.

    If you find more than one site that has the type of products your looking for, by all means consider joining more than one. The cost will still be viable and you'll have more opportunities to find material to suit your purposes.

  2. How To Use Private Label Content
    The most common use for Private Label Content is to provide fresh, interesting content for web sites. But let's use our imaginations...

    (a) Need links? Rewrite a few articles for submission to article directories. Just remember, you can't use the articles as is, you must rewrite them. Most membership sites restrict the use of articles as is for directory submission, and the directories will penalize you as well.

    Many eZine/newsletter editors accept guest articles in their publications. This is great publicity for you, and the opportunity to reap one-way link rewards.

    (b) Need to beef up your list? Offer an eBook or eCourse as an incentive to sign up for your list, or a stand-alone eCourse or report with a sign-up for your list as a bonus.

    Need sales? Use articles to inform people about a particular subject and include links to related product pages or affiliate programs within the article.

    (d) Want To become An Expert? Rewrite a Private Label Content eBook, or use several articles to "build" an original eBook.

    (e) Want Passive Income? Use articles to create keyword-rich, niche web sites to generate passive income using Google Adsense. For added value, include links to your products or affiliate programs.

  3. How To Alter Private Label Articles
    (a) First of all Private Label Content is the culmination of someone else's ideas and personality. So, start by changing the title. Be creative, make it your own.

    (b) Change or totally rewrite the opening paragraph. Look for ways to say the same thing in different ways. Use your Thesaurus or go to to find word alternatives. Set the tone of your article here - and then follow thru with the rest of the article.

    (c) Now go thru the entire article. Use the tone you set in the first paragraph and work it into the rest of the article. Add or take out sentences as you see fit. Add new points to expand the article or break a long article into two shorter articles.

    (d) Finish up by rewriting the ending. Make sure you entice your reader to do what you want him/her to do here, whether purchasing a product, going to your web site, signing up for your newsletter, etc.

    (e) Lastly, check for spelling or grammatical errors, make sure your article is keyword enhanced, and make any final changes that might be needed.

  4. How To Alter An eBook
    (a) To make the book into your own version follow the same premise shown above for an article. Make the title and introduction your own. Set the tone you wish to use and follow up throughout the book.

    Change, add or delete sentences and/or paragraphs. Put your own product links in. Totally rewrite the ending and set the action you want your reader to take. Check for errors and your ready to go.

    (b) To use an eBook to make an eCourse or tutorial, use each chapter as a lesson. Rewrite as above and set it up in your auto responder.

    A typical eCourse is 5-7 parts, so depending on the eBook size you may have to combine chapters, or perhaps add chapters. You may also want to add your own points to each chapter.

    (c) You can also make each chapter into an article, for an article series.

    (d) You can even use an eBook as the basis for a web site, using each chapter as a web page. The book should be keyword optimized, so all you need are product links and particulars.

  5. Make One Article Out of Several
    As a reverse option, you can use two or more articles of Private Label Content on the same theme and make one longer article jam-packed with information.

To Your Success!

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