Poetry Writing Resources

Poetry Writing Resources for beginning bards and published poets.

The Poetry Writing site brings resources for writing and enjoying poetry right to your fingertips. Jumpstart your writing career, improve your poetry or just enjoy the poetry of others with the poetry links below. Best of luck, and enjoy!


"Far away in the sunshine are my highest inspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see the beauty, believe in them and try to follow where they may lead."
~Lousia May Alcott

General Writing Resources

In this section you will find poetic terms, a rhyming dictionary, poetry and poets, interactive communities and more...

The Academy of American Poets
A support organization for American poets at all stages of their careers.

Glossary Of Poetic Terms
A unique guide for the study of poetry.

Interactive Poetry Pages
Real time poetry collaboration. Add a line to a poem in progress, and view the finished works.

Japanese Poetry Patterns
Introduction and definitions of the various Japanese poetry types.

New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre
Features poets and poetry with a New Zealand connection. Lots of Links.

On Writing Poetry
Excellent resource site for poetry writing and reading.

Creative writing and oral storytelling activities with printable handouts for: Poetry.

Poetic Forms & Techniques
Learn the different forms of poetry and what each is used for.

Poetry Forms and Terminology
Descriptions and examples of various poetry forms.

Prosody Guide
Arnaut & Karkur's ultimate on-line prosody resource.

The Rhymezone
A tool for finding words that rhyme, it's synonyms, definitions, and more.

Silva Rhetoricae
Good guide to rhetoric, its terms and uses.

Vocabulary Of Alliteration
This Vocabulary of Alliteration is a new aid in writing poems and songs, and in the study of phonetic or phonemic syllable divisions.

Writing Resources Extensive writing resources.

Poetry Writing Tips

Poetry writing tips and resources especially for the beginning poet.

How to write a haiku
Although haiku looks simple enough it is imperative to keep in mind that the haiku traditionally adheres to strict guidelines in topics as well as form.

How to write a sonnet
How to write a sonnet in ten easy steps with detailed analysis of the ten-step writing process.

Craft of Poetry
Learn the styles and elements of poetry.

Workshops and Exercises

In this section, you'll find free online workshops and exercises tohelp you improve your poetry.

The Albany Poetry Workshop
Exercises and workshops.

Potato Hill Poetry
Poets, by nature, play with language all the time, so you'll enjoy the exercises, quizes and games at Potato Hill that will assist in your poetry writing..

The Journal Poetry Prompts
Extensive amount of writing exercises and prompts.

Poetry Exercise at Ariadne's Web Poetry writing exercises.

Poetry Markets

There are many markets that publish poetry from published and unpublished poets. We have listed a few below.

Pedestal Magazine
A literary magazine that accepts poetry from established and new writers. Open to a wide variety of poetry from traditional to highly experimental. Pays $30-$60 per poem.

Pif Magazine
Seeking original work from established and emerging fiction writers, poets, essayists, interviewers, and reviewers. Submit no more than 5 poems at once. Pays $50 per published poem.

Electric Velocipede
Pays $15 for poems under 100 lines.

Pays $8 for poems up to 50 lines.

Orion Society
Quarterly magazine that explores the relationship between people and nature, examines human communities and how they fit into the larger natural community, and strives to renew our spiritual connection to the world. Pays $100 per poem on publication.

Dreams and Nightmares
Seeking poetry in sci-fi or fantasy genres, although fantastic-style horror will be considered. Pays $10.

Tin House
Accepts submissions of up to 5 poems at a time. Pays $50 minimum per poem, plus 2 copies. Poems may be subject to editing.

The Threepenney Review
Quarterly magazine with a political slant. Accepts poetry of any style and length and pays up to $100 per poem.

Poetry Contests

In this section, you'll find links to contests. Best of luck...

Mad Poetry
Poetry Contests, listed by deadline date.

Poetry competitions by closing date.

Wergle Flomp Poetry Contest
$1000 first prize.


"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free."

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