Plot and Narrative

Develop the Plot for your story...

What is plot and why do you need one?

The plot is not your story. Rather it is how you arrange events to develop your story. It is a planned, logical series of events that move the story from beginning to end. Simply put, it is how your story moves from point A to point B.

The articles and resources here will help you learn how to layout and develop a story...


Constructing Plot
The Elements of Plot Development.

Effectively Outlining Your Plot
Your outline should be a simple reminder that, no matter how many events or characters or situations arise, your main theme will never get lost in the jumble of scenes.

Pacing Anxiety, or How to Stop Padding and Plot!
Most new writers confuse premise with plot. Learn the difference...

Plot and Narrative
Plot is what happens. Narrative is what the reader sees and hears of what happens. Discover the different ways to make them work for your story....

Plotting The Perfect Story
Why you should always plot first...

Plotting a Short Story
The Five Elements of Plot Structure

Plotting Without Fears
Questions that will help map out your story journey.

Starting Small and Building Plot
Starting with an idea and a character, Alicia Rasley describes how to build the plot to this story.

Thirteen Prime Plot Principles
The winning princiles of plotting structure.

Tips for Creating a Compelling Plot
Ten tips for a winning plot.

The Top Ten Plotting Problems
Know your character, and you'll figure out your plot. Conversely, know your plot, and you'll find the character who needs that sequence of events for internal growth.

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