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PCWORLD magazine
selects PlanMagic Business an Editor's pick.

Review by ZDNET
PlanMagic Business contains a series of documents and spreadsheets to help you organize a comprehensive business plan. A walkthrough user interface is included to describe the use of each of the modules, which include plan, profit and loss, balance sheet, statistical data, investment budget, organizational structure, sales, cash flow, profit and loss forecasts, time table, and a graphical presentation. Some information is omitted and some documents are password-protected to encourage registration, but this trial version offers enough formatted information to see the level of quality being provided.

Review by Entrepreneur Magazine
Easy Business Plans

Take the pain out of writing a business plan and let PlanMagic do the work. Pre-defined spreadsheets and automatic calculations make doing your financials a snap. 

In ZDNet's Your Guide to the Best of the Web
What's the plan, Stan?

Creating a business plan may be tough, but PlanMagic Business can help. It includes a series of Word for Windows documents and spreadsheets to help you build a comprehensive business plan. There are 11 modules, including ones for profit-and-loss forecasts, a balance sheet, cash flow, organizational structure, and others.

Review by ZDNet

Marketing 5.0 guides you through a detailed market analysis and creation of a model marketing plan. You'll work your way through a well designed browser interface that explains the entire process, step by step. At each point you can click on a document template and jump immediately to MS Word or MS Excel to edit the actual documents in your marketing plan. There are 18 documents and a workbook in the analysis portion, and 16 documents and another Excel workbook in the marketing plan. All the documents are OLE-connected so the entire work remains current and consistent. You modify the model templates to create the exact plan you need. PlanMagic is clear and well organized, you will have to have some knowledge of MS Office to handle the editing.

Program Pros:
* Clear browser layout explains the details.
* Step-by-step process forces you to gather the data and answer the tough questions.
* Transparent links between browser descriptions and Word/Excel templates.
* Thorough !
* Easy install/uninstall.

PlanMagic Corporation is an IBM Solutions Provider.

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Australian Graduate School of Management (University of Sydney and New South Wales), Lyonnaise Cable, US Department of Energy, Bayer Corp., Pacific Int'l Airlines, Cysource Inc., Aviation Systems Development, TNT Egypt Ltd, Accurate Software, Women's Wellness Program, Swedish Trade Council, Columbia University, Software Business Systems, Advanced Systems Technology Inc., Southwest General Hospital, MCG Electronics Inc., Lintel Investments Ltd, Hammond Group Inc. Lighthouse Mortgage Corp., Momentis Systems Inc., Blimpie Int'l, Crestview Aerospace Corp., Blimpie International Inc., Olayan Saudi Holding Co., Precision Inc., Essentoil Industries Ltd., Laballiance, Trans Mid-East Inc., HM Graphics, Atlas Concrete Cutting LLC, Nelson's Hometown Pharmacy, R & R Winkelinrichtingen, Hyatt Regency Belgrade, Wildlife and Parks Dept., Odeon Inc., Dynatek Automation Systems Ltd., Dannex Ltd., Alcatel Egypt, Esco Financial Services Inc., BodyShop LLC, LSU Medical Center Foundation, The Busby Group, Drain Doctor Plumbing, Rural Planning Associates, Altair Engineering Ltd., Aid to Artisans, Telecom Fiji Ltd., MultiMedia 2000 Ltd., Dorma Door Controls Inc., Intuitive Technologies Inc., Hydraserv, Electric Paper, La Cucina Cirino, Syncroweld Inc., Bass Hotels & Resorts, New England Cyber Search Inc., WBA-Wels, RF Trust, Public Utilities Risk Management Assoc., New Breed Transfer Corp., NavPress, Sage Software, EHB Productions, Swisatec, Thomsons Consulting Group, BNA SA, D'Elegance, Southwest General Hospital, We Got Games Inc., Accu-Image Inc., IPC Australia, Florida Watercraft, Chicago Public Schools, JBP Painting Company, World Class Marine Services, Goldnet, Futura Technologies Inc., and so on...

Comments on the Complete Business Development Package:

"I have recently purchased the Marketing package online and was very impressed with its contents. I wish to further purchase the Business software."
Z.K., USA, September 2001.

"After two weeks of using PlanMagic Finance, allow me to start by congratulating you on the quality of the product. As an Excel wizard, I found your sheets well planned and well laid out. Having read "the guide" as well, I must say your documentation is pretty complete."
K.L., France. August 2001.

"I am looking forward to using the package. It is a very well thought out plan and will be a great asset to our business."
T.D., S. Enterprise, Alabama USA

"We have downloaded all the three products. And found them very interesting. We must compliment you for the excellent depth of work in your products."
M. Financial Corporation Ltd., India

Com(pli)ments from users

"That is the friendliest reply I have ever received from a software company. Thank you so much for your time and the information. I am looking forward to seeing the updated version of the Business Plan. It is hard to imagine you making it any more user friendly. Thank you so much for a very enjoyable customer experience."
A.F., Australia, December 2001.

"I have to say that I am very impressed with the content of this package. Nice job. "
KH, marketing pro, May 2002 (about WebQuestPro)

"By the way, everyone is very impressed with my business plan!!!!!! It took me a week to do, but it was worth it! Thanks!"
B.C., USA, January 2002.

"Thank you I like your software very much - one of the best Business and Analysis programs I have seen. Keep up the good work.
R.D., Asian Marketing Strategy, Singapore.

"Your software appears to be the most USER friendly I have seen, after researching for weeks on your competitors. So easy and professional."
K.M., managing director trade company, Bangkok, Thailand.

"I have downloaded PlanMagic Business and found it very useful. Congratulations for your intelligent software"
E.O., Business planning Associates, Brazil

"Wonderful templates. They're complete, good in form and I will recommend your product to anyone needing a professional solid business plan."
E.G., Massachusetts, USA

"It really works"
P.C., London, England

"Thanks for the quick delivery. It's a great product"

"I really like your program PlanMagic Business, and PlanMagic Marketing is even better. I've never seen anything like it"
A.I., Brussels, Belgium

"The walkthrough guide is simply superb"
J.W., marketing manager, Hamburg, Germany

"Dear Gentlemen, may you have a warm salute and the best wishes in your every day activities, after a very thorough review and examination of your "PlanMagic Business Software", It is exactly what I've been looking for, it would seem like it was designed for me, congratulations."
V.E., El Salvador


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