How to Outline Your eBook for Profit and Success

Should You Outline Your eBook?

By Diane Thomas

Whether you're writing an information eBook or a Mystery novel, an outline can only enhance your writing and the speed in which you finish your project.

But doesn't writing an outline take time?

Sure it does, but it also organizes your thoughts, plans the order of happenings or how information is to be presented, and keeps you from forgetting important points.

There are different ways that you can set up your outline.It's a matter of choice and what works best for you. The important thing is to make sure that all the main ideas have been thought out and are included.

Here is an idea of what your outline for an info product might look like:

Title: This would be a pithy way of stating your main point.

Subheading: Condensed detail here - who is it for,what does it do, etc.

Chapter #1: Heading - first order of business

Subsequent topics falling under this heading - asmany as needed.

Any links that might be relevant to your information.

Chapter #2: As above. Continue with as many headings (chapters) and topics as required to cover the information in your book.

Conclusion: A brief summation of the book with an overview of what the reader has learned by reading your book and what he/she can now do with this information.

Resources: Any products that would serve to enhance the information already provided.

This example will give you an idea of how you might set up your own outline. How you do it is not as important as doing it.

If you've written an eBook before, or have tried to, you know how easy it is to forget points you want to make and how easy it is to lose the proper order of things.

Using an outline, keeps everything in order and greatly reduces the chance of leaving out something important. Not only that it will reduce the time you spend writing your eBook.

If you're wondering how that can be true, it's simple.

When you are setting up your outline, your thoughts are totally on brainstorming ideas, what you need to include, how you want to make your presentation and so forth.

That means that when you are writing your eBook you aresimply going to expand on the ideas and thoughts that you have already categorized.

You won't have to stop and make a decision about whether to include a point, you've already decided. You can just focus on your writing and allow your great thoughts to flow without interruption.

Now, you're thinking, ok but I've still put all the sameeffort into it whether at the same time or separatly, so what did I gain?

You will be totally surprised at how much time you really do save by separating your brainstorming from your writing. I'm sure you'll be equally surprised at how much better your writing becomes and how much better your entire eBook turns out by outining your work.

Using an outline may very well be the determining factor in setting your eBook apart from the rest.

Outlining your eBook is only one technique of successfuleBook writing. For more information on writing and promoting a profitable eBook, I've found a great product called You can make big money writing little books and eBooks that will take you step-by-step through the entire process.

To your success.

About the Author

Diane Thomas has been successfully helping people write, publish, market and earn their way online for the past 10 years. For more information on eBook writing and promotion, visit her at eBook

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