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Novel Writing Made Easy
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Novel Writing Made Easy

Andrea Waggener’s Novel Writing Made Easy is aimed at beginning writers who want to write a novel, but just don’t know how to begin and those who have written, but just haven’t found the way to make their works publishable.

Novel Writing Made Easy presents a structured process that takes you step-by-step through the entire process of writing a book - from brainstorming and research to manuscript submission.

Novel Writing Made Easy is not a book on writing, but rather a writing system. The 184- page instruction manual teaches you the essentials of writing; plotting, characters, setting, research, pacing and scene structure, getting the writing right, and preparing for submission to agents and editors - then shows you how to develop each of these elements. The 97-page task-book then walks you through the actions taught in the manual.

The assigned tasks in the task-book provide a solid foundation for writing your novel. You’ll learn to organize your thoughts to see more clearly what you really want to write about and the best way to go about it and you’ll be able to envision the entire novel so that everything fits together cohesively.

Besides the basic writing elements, here are a few topics I found exceptional:

-Creating character sketches that will bring your characters to life
-Developing a compelling plot
-Designing scenes to ensure your pacing is just right
-Writing in a way that draws the reader into your novel’s world
-Writing a query letter
-Writing a synopsis

Additionally, the bonus material, which includes several writing books and books to help you improve your creativity, are quite impressive.

This is a comprehensive system that is easy to follow, fun to do and will motivate you to write and succeed! I definitely recommend Novel Writing Made Easy for any aspiring writer.

Click Here to check out Novel Writing Made Easy for yourself!

To your success,
Diane Thomas

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