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The Mystery site has resources for all phases of your writing and research activities: including workshops, writing courses; information on crime scenes, forensics, the law; and so much more...

I have found some great sites to help you do your research without leaving your computer chairs! You will find links to subjects including forensics, medicine, history, time periods, and more

Get out your pencil, or get ready to copy and paste, because you'll want to take notes...


"Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please."
~ Mark Twain

General Resources

Blood at the Source: Research Tips for Mystery Writers
Wonderful resource site.

Crime Fiction: Tips and Pet Peeves
Tips and Pet Peeves of a crime writer...

Don't Shoot the Writer
A lot of good information and links for the crime/mystery writer.

Encyclopedia of Death and Dying
Searcheable database of how death occurs (and what happens) by different means.

Directory of online resources.

Twenty rules for writing detective stories
For the writing of detective stories there are very definite laws - unwritten, perhaps, but none the less binding; and every respectable and self-respecting concocter of literary mysteries lives up to them...

Twists, Slugs and Roscoes
A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang.

Mystery Writing Resources
Resources from Mystery Writers of America

Writing Gym
Strengthen your writing, meet friends' writing, and have fun!.

Getting Away With Murder
A Short Course on Mystery Writing

The Most Famous Murders in History
And some have not been solved yet. The perfect crimes?

Crime Library: Notorious Murders
Most famous murders that have never been solved.

Mystery Research Links

Amber Alert
Facts, contacts, resources and more regarding the Amber Alert System

Crime in America.Net
Information on Crime, Crime Statistics, Crime Rates, Violent Crime, Crime News, Crime Prevention

Crime Magazine
All aspects of true crime - an encyclopedia of crime...:

Crime Scene Investigation
Resources of crime scene investigation, forensics, police procedurals and the law.

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
Psychiatric Diagnoses categorized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Due Diligence Investigation & Fraud Investigation Database
Since 1980, Michael N. Moore has been compiling the names of alleged and reputed swindlers, gangsters, embezzlers, corrupt officials, and other people you need to know about.

Guide to Lock Picking
A guide to lock picking by Ted the Tool - Including a thought-provoking ethical discussion from the MIT hacking community.

How Stuff Works
A plethora of information on all kinds of things and how they work...

Resources of Medicine and Medical Research for Your Stories and Novels

Murder and Assault Weapons
Choose your choice of murder and assault, from guns to Arson to Domestic Abuse...

National Law Enforcement Officers
Research, stats, data on law enforcement in the US.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children provides all kinds of information and resources.

Since 1871 the NRA has been teaching safe rifle shooting across the US. Today the website is filled with information training, news and so much more...

Serial Killer Timelines
Biographies and timelines of serial killer's lives and crimes.

Stalking Victim Sanctuary
Excellent source of information and resources on stalking.

The Traffic Accident Reconstruction Origin
This site contains articles of a technical nature that report on the evolving state of traffic accident reconstruction.

True Crime and Justice
Over 600 pages on crime and the judicial system, including links to intriguing cases, resources, research and original articles

Truth or Fiction
Searcheable database of interesting facts and rumours.

U.S. News Archives on the Web
Links to United States news archives available on the Web for all states.

Mystery Courses and Workshops

Guide to Writers Conferences & Writing Workshops
Listing of conferences and workshops by Shaw Guides.

Mystery Writing
Free step-by-step online tutorial.

Mystery Writing Lessons
Advice from P.D. James on how to write a mystery.

You Can Write a Mystery
Thirteen lessons on How To Write a Mystery are available exclusively on this site!

Mystery Writers Markets

Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine
Fiction stories of 12,000 words or less.

Ellery Queen
Accepts stories of most lengths. Our rates for original stories are from 5 to 8¢ a word, sometimes higher for established authors.

Everyday Fiction
Short stories - token payment.

All lengths, from short stories to novels to series.

Mystery Scene Magazine
Articles, essays, interviews, reviews on topics within the crime & mystery genre. Negotiated payment.

Over My Dead Body
Query before sending manuscript. Looking for cozy, hardboiled, psychological suspense, crime, etc. Pays $.01/word.

Spinetingler Magazine
Crime, mystery, thriller, suspense or horror stories should be 1500-5000 words in length. Contributors will paid $25 USD for published works

Strand Magazine
Mysteries, detective stories, tales of terror and the supernatural as well as short stories of almost any length. Current payment rate for stories is $25-150.


"It's not the murder. It's the waiting for the murder."
Kit Sloan, mystery writer


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