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A weapon is a tool used to injure, kill or incapacitate a person or persons; or to damage or destroy property. Weapons can be used to attack, threaten or defend depending on the circumstances. They can be as simple as a club or as complex as a missile.

Whatever way you have chosen to "off" your victims or defend your heroes, you'll find information here from the usual guns, knives and fire to poison, drugs and biological warfare.

Murder Weapons In General

12 Most Unusual Murder Weapons Used in Real Life
If you're looking for a unique murder weapon there is never anything better than real life ingenuity.

A Brief History of Weapons
Weapons throughout the ages.

Guns, Knives and Edged Weapons
Articles on defending against knife or gun attacks.

Most common weapons and methods used to murder

The Perfect Murder Weapon
Can you guess?

Top 10 Most Common Murder Weapons
List and descriptions.

Weapons Of Murder
The ins and outs of the weapons of murder - even the automobile...

Weapons Through the Ages
Books on the History of Weapons and Armor.

Weapon Use & Defense
Weapons come in different forms, each with advantages and disadvantages. Learn how to use or defend against the different types.

Murder Weapon: Arson

10 Famous Arsonists and Why
Arsonists are some of the most stealthy, mysterious and down-right malicious criminals in history. Here are 10 famous arsonists and why they made it on the list:

The Anatomy of an Arson Case
Arson cases are the least often, least effectively prosecuted criminal offenses in America. Learn why...

Arson Prosecution
Federal report on the difficult but successful prosecution of arson cases.

Fire and Arson Investigations
interFIRE provides fire investigators, firefighters, fire services, insurers, insurance companies, law enforcement and others whose duties include arson investigation ...

Firefighter Arsonists
This article explores the reasons or motivations behind firefighters setting fires and what is missing in the recruitment, hiring, testing, and training process that allows these individuals to become members of our profession

Inside an Arsonist's Mind
Pyromania is an established psychiatric diagnosis; however, there are very few true pyromaniacs...

Murder Weapon: Domestic Violence

A Voice for Men
The circumstances and lack of financial support for men who are abused.

Domestic Violence
A site promoting domestic violence awareness. Many good resources and a lot of good information.

Domestic Violence Statistics

Help for different abuse situations and what a victim can do to avoid or escape.

Lesbian Murder/Suicide Highlights Issue of Domestic Violence
Article highlighting new situations that are not covered by traditional services.

Several pages of information on domestic violence, including related diseases and conditions.

Murder Weapon: Firearms

Firearm Library
This site is intended to provide answers to freqyently asked questions both on and about firearms.

Firearms Tutorial
"This tutorial is designed to give you a working knowledge of the types of firearms, the types of ammunition used, the nature of injuries that can be produced in the body, and the investigative techniques employed by the forensic pathologist in assessing firearms injuries.

Gun Pages Central
All things gun related. The place to begin your hunt for information about guns.

Learn About Guns
Articles and reviews of weapons with pictures.

A Writer's Guide to Murder Weapons
Article on choosing the right weapon for your next story.

Murder Weapon: Knives

The History of the Fighting Knife
An extensive listing of military fighting Knives with descriptions and fraphics for all.

How to Use a Knife in a Combative Situation
The basics and fundamentals of using a knife in a combative situation. The overall theme of this article is to survive above all else.

Knife as a self defense weapon
Article on whether a knife is a good self defense weapon.

Knife Crimes
An online knife crimes resource. Excellent information.

Although this is a commercial site it has a good assortment of knives with uses, pictures and descriptions.

State Knife Laws
Is a knife legal in your state?

Murder Weapon: Poison and Drugs

10 "Popular" Poisons
Some poisons that those pesky CSI investigators may have some trouble with...
Index of Poisonous Plants

Drug Information
Extensive amount of information on various types of drugs.

Drugs and Poisons
9 drugs that can be used to murder.

Emerging Infectious Disease
Government site on Bioterrorism.

Introduction to Biological Weapons
Biosecurity and biodefense resource.

A Perfect Poison
The History of Sux, the World’s Most Discreet Murder Weapon.

Poisonous Plants
Plants that are poisonous to animals and humans.

Poisoning in the 20th Century
As the Victorian era drew to a close, and the move into the twentieth century progressed, so too did technology and scientific sophistication...

Poisons & Antidotes
Stedman's Shorter Medical Dictionary. Kill them off or bring them back - the choice is yours...

The Straight Dope
Article on the fastest acting, most lethal poisons.

Drugs: What they are, what they look like, what they do, etc.

Top 10 Plants That Will Kill You
Plants that contain such high doses, of toxins to which humans are sensitive, that some can kill you in a matter of hours.

Rape and Sexual Abuse

Beyond Rape: A Survivor's Journey
A rape survivor tells her story and documents the life of her rapist.

Child Sexual Abuse
The effects, what to look for, etc.

Date rape drugs fact sheet
A lot of informaiton on these drugs.

Erin's Law
Erin's Law aims to educate kids on sexual abuse, assault

How a victim-blaming system excuses rape
Excellent article on the dueling assumptions of the rape issue.

A Rape a Minute, a Thousand Corpses a Year
Rape around the world and what it means to our society...

Sexual Abuse and Assault Against Women
Sexual assault can be verbal, visual, or anything that forces a person to join in unwanted sexual contact or attention. Get the facts.

Sexual assault, domestic violence can damage long-term mental health
While the connection between these harrowing experiences and poor mental health is hardly surprising, experts say the new findings highlight just how strongly the two problems are intertwined - Learn more...

Statistics on Sexual Abuse
Resources address statistics on child sexual abuse.

The Story of a Rape Victim
The story, the crime, the statistics, the advice. ..

The Truth About Date Rape
"Ultimately, everyone reacts to stress and trauma differently. However, most rape victims go through definable stages of rape trauma syndrome; trauma, denial and resolution." Learn more...

Murder Weapon: Stalking

Are You Being Stalked?
Very informative article on who is stalked, tips for victims and more.

Explanation of what cyberstalking is and can do. Offers several articles on the issue.

Information on types of stalkers and what motivates them.

Memoirs: Cyber-stalking horror stories
Several stories of cyberstalking horror by both men and women.

Stalking Resource Center
Information, laws, help for victims, resources and more at this site.

What Is Stalking?
Article on stalking, who it happens to and how it evolves.

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