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With These Mobile Marketing Tips...

By Diane Thomas

It has been predicted that mobile marketing will become increasingly effective in years to come, far outpacing traditional marketing and interactive display ads. Surveys show user awareness of mobile marketing tactics is as high as 70 percent, and continues to grow.

In fact, mobile marketing is projected to become one of the fastest growing areas of focus in years to come, second only to social media.

Here are some mobile marketing tips that will help keep you on top of your game:

Don’t Forget The Basics
Mobile marketing, like any other marketing strategy is most effective when targeted and relevant to the user. This is the most important factor for successful mobile marketing.

Be Timely
Being timely goes hand-in-hand with being relevant. For instance, with eMail marketing you can notify a subscriber 2 weeks in advance of a sale, but that doesn’t work with mobile marketing. Remind someone of the sale minutes before your doors open, not days.

Define Your Strategy
To be successful, mobile marketing should play a strategic role that is linked to clear objectives, such as brand awareness, direct sales, customer support, customer loyalty, etc. Strategies will vary depending on your chosen strategy.

Learn Your Boundaries
Understand the limitation of mobile devices and the adoption of the technologies that enable communications.

Know Your Medium
Mobile content is micro content that is consumed in small pieces. Remember: you only have 160 characters so you need to be very concise but clear. Using short cuts are acceptable for text messaging. You can get some good ideas from

Always Give Users A Choice
As with eMail marketing, always ask for and obtain an opt-in for all your mobile messaging. Having a double opt-in database will ensure a response list that yields few to no complaints. Additionally, always provide an easy way to opt out on all messages.

Set Frequency Expectations
After someone opts-in or during the opt-in process, alert your audience to how often they should expect messages. If your messages are too frequent, users may not want to pay the possible message charges - so always provide the opportunity for them to say no.

Be Multi-faceted
Use multi-channel marketing. Mobile marketing should only be one piece of your marketing strategy. Use eMail and direct marketing in conjunction with your mobile marketing. Each method has a different effect and used effectively together will create a very successful campaign.

Make It Viral
Every now and then ask your audience to invite their friends if they like your service and include opt-in instructions. Text messages are very easy to forward, and you’ll be amazed at how many will accommodate your request - and how fast your list will grow!

Make It Personal
Capture your subscriber’s first name and use it in your messages. It goes a long way to building a strong relationship and increasing your response rate. Just keep in mind that you only have 160 characters to work with so you’ll have to keep your message shorter. Also make sure that your mobile marketing platform allows you to insert tokens into your message.

Mobile service makes it increasingly easier to reach consumers anytime and anywhere, providing a communication channel with tremendous marketing potential.

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Diane Thomas has been successfully helping people write, publish, market and earn their way online for the past 10 years. For more information on mobile marketing, visit her at eBook

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