Mobile Marketing Basics

Mobile Marketing Basics Will Get You Ready
For Your Marketing Campaigns.

By Diane Thomas

There has been a lot of buzz on the Internet lately about mobile marketing, but it has also raised a lot of questions... What exactly is it? How do I know if it’s right for me? How do I get involved? What does SMS mean - and what’s an App?

Like any new marketing endeavor, it’s important to be educated so that you can make the right decision for you and your business. So let’s take a look at mobile marketing basics by starting with...

What Exactly Is It?

The Mobile Marketing Association defines it this way: "Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network."

In other words as an advertiser you would promote your product to mobile devices instead of mailboxes or email addresses, etc.

How Do I Utilize It?

Generally, mobile advertising is used to increase brand awareness, generating a customer database, driving attendance for events, improving customer loyalty, and increasing revenues. Once you determine your specific goals you’ll be able to decide on the best tactics to use for your objectives.

As with any type of marketing knowing your target audience is your best tool. You’ll need to consistently measure your results and refine your campaigns.

How Do I Get Started?

Once your objective is set and your target audience defined, the easiest thing to do is to contact a mobile marketing agency. There are many agencies that will work with small businesses to help create a strategy and plan. An agency can also help in education and guidance through the learning curve so that you can ultimately do your campaigns on your own.

What Do These acronyms Mean?

SMS - stands for ‘short message service’ and is the text communication service component of phone, web or mobile systems. It uses standardized communication protocols that allow the exchange of short text messages between fixed line or mobile phone devices.

MMS - stands for ‘multimedia messaging services’ and refers to the ability to eMail and send pictures via mobile devices.

WAP - stands for ‘wireless application protocol’ and refers to the wireless web. It is an open international standard for the presentation and delivery of wireless information and telephony services on mobile devices. Accessing the Internet from any mobile device is typically done via WAP sessions.

Three mobile marketing basics to remember for successful advertising are:

1. Offer something, such as a free report or product to entice people to sign up to your list.

2. Respect your customer’s privacy. Only contact them when they want you to.

3. Make sure your campaign is relevant to the customer you are targeting.

According to the New Media Institute, although mobile advertising is relatively new, the success rate has been very good so far. Advertisers are using wireless marketing to connect with people and are learning valuable lessons about their segmented audiences - not to mention turning great profits.

When done the right way your mobile marketing campaign can be the magic bullet you’ve been waiting for...

If you're ready to make huge profits with your marketing campaigns, click here: Mobile Marketing Basics.

About the Author

Diane Thomas has been successfully helping people write, publish, market and earn their way online for the past 10 years. For more information on mobile marketing, visit her at eBook

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