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Bringing the past to life in historical fiction brings us up close and personal with another era and it's people which makes getting it right of great import. Historical details serve to create a believable atmosphere and motivates the characters toward their decisions - so let history serve you well...

Medicine and Medical Research

Archaic and Obsolete Terms
Most Definitions Are From The Oxford English Dictionary

Civil War
This website attempts to put into perspective many of the medical aspects of the war.

Colonial Diseases
Terms that you may find in old documents or geneologies.

Commonly Used Medicinal Plants
List, description and uses of commonly used plants.

From Quackery to Bacteriology
The Emergence of Modern Medicine in 19th Century America

Genealogy Quest
Listing and descriptions of "olden" diseases and causes of death.

A Glossary of Archaic Terms
Find the terms for diseases, causes of death, etc.

Health in Medieval England
The affects of disease and poor health on the population of Medieval England.

A history of medicine beginning with the ancient Egyptians.

History of Midwifery and Childbirth in America
A timeline from the 1600's to the present time.

How To Make An Herb Poultice
Poultices are an old time remedy that is still just as effective today with helping to draw out infection and to speed healing.

Medical Listings
Listings of all sorts of terms, diseases, plagues, etc. over the years

Medical Madness
Medical Practices of the Victorian Era

Medicinal and Magical Herbs of Medieval Europe
Translated by Jarkko Kuisma from the notes of Bernat of Catalonia. Great list of herbs and what they were used for.

The Regency Era
A brief primer during the Regency era.

The Victorian Era
While valid medical knowledge obviously exists throughout history, before the Victorian era it was largely bound up in magical and religious contexts.

Medieval Times
Explanation of the care and treatment during the medeival era.

Old Operating Theater Museum
Excellent information plus timeline.

Regency Period: Dentistry
While the wealthy could afford dentists, rural folks still depended on the village blacksmith, who only knew how to pull teeth. Market fairs sold tinctures, toothpowders and abrasive dentifrices.

Victorian Era
From Macbeth-like preparations of arsenic, iron or phosphorous to white coats and x-rays, the Victorian era witnessed a medical revolution. Follow it here.

Victorian Medical Overview
A look at healthcare in the Victorian period.

Web MD
Today's health, news and diseases.

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