Manuscript Preparation

Don't worry - manuscript preparation is not your worst nightmare...

Part of getting your manuscript ready for an editor, agent or publisher is knowing how to submit. It involves producing a clean manuscript - that means proper formatting, correct spelling and grammar and even word spacing.

It also means preparing the dreaded duo: synopsis and query letter...

Not to worry, don't panic, we have your back! Here you will find articles and resources on manuscript preparation, synopsis and query letter writing. Take your time, do a good job and submit those manuscripts!

Manuscript Preparation

Proper formatting is an important part of getting your manuscript ready for an editor or agent. In this section there is information on standard novel formatting, checklists and even sample manuscripts.

Formatting Tip Sheet
General tips for formatting manuscripts that apply in almost any situation.

How to Figure Manuscript Length
Great chart!

Manuscript Format
Basic rules for formatting manuscripts and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

Manuscript Preparation
Manuscript preparation, formatting and more...

Manuscript Preparation
Let your text do the talking

Preparing Your Manuscript
Informative article on the process.

Preparing Your Manuscript
Information by Charlotte Dillon on preparing your manuscript.

Science Fiction and Fantasy
Format for manuscript submission to science fiction editors.

SF Writer
Manuscript format checklist complete with sample manuscript.

Submission Do's and Dont's
Submitting your manuscript properly will get you off on the right foot...

Writing A Synopsis

With these links we hope to make writing the dreaded synopsis just a little easier! Here you will find information on formatting, and general synopsis writing.

5 Steps To Writing A Synopsis
Simple as 1, 2, 3 (4, 5).

Just What is a Synopsis?
For the synopically challanged...

Mastering the Dreaded Synopsis - Condensing Your Novel
Here are some tips for keeping your synopsis short and focused, and keep an editor interested at the same time.

Outlines and Synopsis Examples
Examples of "real" outlines and Synopsis.

Overcoming the Fear of Writing a Synopsis
What is it about this particular piece of writing that brings out more moans and groans from writers than a room full of sixth graders getting a surprise math test?

Winning Synopses Samples
Several winning samples - Enjoy.

Writing A Novel Synopsis
Anyone beginning a novel, contemplating one, or who has just completed one, needs a synopsis...

Writing a Synopsis
There are two basic types of a synopsis: the short synopsis, and the detailed synopsis. A short synopsis is usually one to two pages in length, while a detailed synopsis can be five to ten

Writing A Synopsis From the Ground Up
A synopsis should be a breakdown of the central plot and storyline, and introduce the central characters. Simple, right? Wrong...

Writing A Querry Letter

Learn how to write your query letter with these information and article links. There is even a sample letter. Good luck!

How to Write a Query Letter
An excellent article by Ann C. Crispin, of Writer Beware, that explains in detail how to write a query letter and also includes a "not to do" list.

How to Write a Query Letter
Write a professional, intelligent, concise, intriguing query and not only will you entice an agent to ask for more, but you’ll move yourself one step closer to a book sale. Here's how...

How to Write a Query Letter
A list of do's and don'ts of query letter writing along with examples.

How To Write Great Queries Without Resorting To Threats, Bribery or Coercion
This article is written by an agent - so listen up!

Master The Art Of The Query Letter
There is a correct way to write a query letter. Do it any other way and you will be disregarded as clueless.

Query Letters
Query letters are the resume of your book. There are so many right ways to write one (and so many wrong), it can be difficult to know where to start or how to proceed...

Sample Novel Query Letter Sample letter and expanation of each part.

Tara K. Harper
Query Letter FAQ

Writing a Pitch-Perfect Query Letter
The query is an art form. It’s an intro, a first look at you and your work. It may be the only time you get a busy professional’s attention-for a few seconds. So it has to do a lot of work in those seconds.

Writing The Query Letter
The query letter is a sales tool. You will be selling yourself and your work and you must do so in a polite and professional manner - but sell, you must!

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