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Make Your Words Sell!
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Make Your Words Sell Review

Ken Evoy of Make Your Site Sell! and Solo Build It! fame, teams up with expert copywriter Joe Robson to create Make Your Words Sell (MYWS), the ultimate guide to learning how to write like the pros.

MYWS! is a copy writing course written completely from a web perspective. This is not a rehashed version of direct marketing material, rather it analyzes everything that works and teaches you how to write interesting and compelling copy that speaks to your web site visitors and converts those visits to sales - and all without hype.

Make Your Words Sell! teaches you how to think like a successful Web copywriter. It actually shows you how to become your customer, taking you from the moment a customer enters your web site through the ordering process and on to the follow-up. MYWS! transforms you, step-by-step, into an e-persuading copywriter.

MYWS! contains four powerful volumes:

  1. Make Your Words Sell! Main Volume - 309 pages
    This is the main manual that will guide you to write compelling sales copy for the web. Learn how to write headlines that get the desired response, how to write and understand your target audience, how to craft copy specifically written to sell your products and services.

  2. Make Your Words Sell! For eMail - 76 pages
    The second volume focuses on eMails. it shows you how to write ads, set up an auto responder series, how to write articles and much more. All areas of eMail marketing are covered in this volume.

  3. Make Your Words Sell! For Your Online Store - 61 pages
    This volume alone makes MYWS! a stand out product! Most marketing books only deal with direct marketing for individual products, ignoring the online store. MYWS! provides 61 pages that show you how to increase sales for your online store by writing compelling descriptions and how to structure your home page properly for the best sales advantage.

  4. Words that Trigger Automatic Response - 27 pages
    Volume four deals with words that will get the response that you require - words that reassure the web site visitor, words that make them do what you are asking, words that compel them to action.

Ken Evoy is well known for over-delivering, and he does not disappoint with MYWS! This eBook contains information you will not find anywhere else. Whether you are selling your own product or trying to increase your affiliate commissions, you will find exactly what you need to write effective sales copy and increase your income by following this guide.

In conclusion, Make Your Words Sell! is a must-read for anyone with an online business. You don't have to be a writer to learn how to write effective copy. MYWS! is written in an easy to understand language that makes learning easy. The art of writing words that sell is at hand - and MYWS is the only book you'll need to learn it!

To find out more about Make Your Words Sell, Click here.

I highly recommend this eBook and hope this review will assist you in improving your copy writing skills and dramatically increasing your sales.

To Your Success!
Diane Thomas

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