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Make Your Site Sell!
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Make Your Site Sell!
You can find an infinite number of marketing books online, but none that explain how to maximize the sales potential of your web site in such detail as, Make Your Site Sell! by marketing master, Ken Evoy.

MYSS! 2002 contains 4 volumes:

  • Product - how to develop and position products for the Web
  • Site-Selling - how to make a site that convinces visitors to buy
  • Traffic-Building - how to attract targeted traffic to your site
  • Make Your Store Sell! - how to build a profitable multi-product online store
  • The book covers a much larger subject area than its competitors, and in explicit detail. explains what it takes to succeed on the web. First, develop a great product; second, write a web site that sells; and third, attract targeted customers to the site. Dr. Evoy maintains that if you master all three, your web business has to succeed - and MYSS takes you step-by-step thru the process.

    The first step is to determine your "Most Wanted Response" (MWR), this could be making a sale, getting a lead, or whatever your site is designed to achieve. A good MWR is (1) reasonable, (2) measurable, (3) a good fit for your customer, and (4) will qualify your visitor.

    Next, the book explains in great detail, how to design "opening pages", "pathway pages" that sell the customer on your product, and "closer pages" designed to get the order. All are specifically designed to deliver the customer to your MWR.

    Ken Evoy is an advocate of "content is king" and explains how the power of the written word can make or break your effort for success. He advises the use of strong, active and emotionally charged words to draw customers in, keep them interested, and ultimately achieve your MWR.

    He further stresses that writing informally, using verifiable testimonials and providing generous guarantees will build customer confidence and trust.

    Make Your Site Sell! is ultimately a marketing book and Ken Evoy presents his marketing plan in a detailed, easy to read fashion. He writes in a realistic style laced with humor that gives you the feeling your talking to your best friend. He has tried everything that he explains to his readers and has put together a unique system that is designed to make the sale.

    If your looking for a total explanation of selling online and practical information on related sales issues, this is the book for you. Ken Evoy has really done his homework - and he's offering an enormous amount of education for a very small price.

    Make Your Site Sell! was the first online marketing book I read, and it provided me with the knowledge and inspiration I needed to not only get started online, but guided me to building a very successful web site.

    In this "updated version" there is so much more information than the first edition, including an entire volume on building a multi-product web site. For those of us who have been online for some time the book provides marketing techniques and site design information that will make you re-evaluate what and how your doing things and provide new ideas for building sales. I know it did for me.

    Make Your Site Sell! is definitely a "Must Read". Whether your a beginner or a seasoned veteran of online business you can profit immensely by following the techniques in this book.

    If you haven't guessed by now, I highly recommend this book. It helped me and I fully believe it will help you as well.

    Make Your Site Sell has helped many entrepreneurs launch successful businesses and assisted many others in bringing success to businesses that weren't doing all that well. It was quite a bargain at it's original price - and now you can download it for free! That's right, the "BIBLE of selling on the Net" is now free. This is not a trial - it's a gift!

    Visit the Site Sell web site and get started now...

    To Your Online Success!
    Diane Thomas

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