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The people of Ireland were divided into many clans. As regions grew, they became minor kingdoms with a degree of sovereignty. In time groups of clans joined under a single representative leader, but it would take more than a thousand years before a king of all Ireland would exist.

Despite the many conflicts, a sophisticated society and high culture prospered. In the first centuries of the Common Era, the country was divided into 5 kingdoms - Connaught, Leinster, Midhe, Munster and Ulster, all of which remain today.

The survival of Ireland's ancient lore is due primarily to the efforts of the monks of the middle age monasteries.

Resources of Ireland

Celtic Dress of the 16th C.
The traditional dress of the Irish changed very little from Pre-Christian times up until the end of the 16th C.

Celtic Ireland
History of the Celts.

Celtic Renaissance Clothing
As the Renaissance advanced through Europe and into the British Isles, so did fashion.

History and culture of Ireland.

Gaelic Ireland
History of the Gaelic people.

The Renaissance
The theory that Ireland, owing to the troubled circumstances of her history between the 15th century and the 18th, missed the Renaissance, has become a commonplace of Irish thought. But is it true?

The Victorian Era
Living during the Victorian Era.

Art After the Middle Ages
A brief history of Art.

Urush dance through the ages. Has links to Irish music history as well.

Emigration During the Victorian Era
The immigration to America because of the Potato Famine.

Jokes and Blessings
Great writing material...

Language, Alphabet and Pronunciation
An encyclopedia of the Irish writing system and language.

The Renaissance covers a period from the 1890s through the 1920s.

Medieval Ireland
These pages will direct you to sites that offer general and specific information about Ireland in the Middle Ages.

Victorian Era
Ireland during the Victorian Era in pictures.

What was the Irish Renaissance?
The Renaissance, also described as The Irish Revival, Celtic Renaissance, or Celtic Revival, was a movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries that intended to give a new life to Irish, or Celtic, tradition and culture.

Your Irish
Timeline of History

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