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Internet Marketing is currently the HOT trend for anyone who wants to get in on the big profits that many people are now earning online. Internet marketing is very diverse, however, and may take some skill for those looking to cash in on the trend without spending a large amount of money.

Here are a few of the best ways to get your business on its way to profits, even if you have a relatively low budget.

Internet Marketing Tip #1: Target Your Traffic

Before you even start your online business you need to identify your audience and what they are looking for. By knowing who your audience is and what they need and want, you'll be able to write your content and sales materials specifically for them - and that's what will convert to sales.

The best way to do this is to identify keywords and phrases that you know will attract your customer base - and then use them in all of your internet marketing efforts.

Internet Marketing Tip #2: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Use the Keywords and phrases you've chosen for your target audience and use SEO techniques to place your website high in the search engine rankings. Click Here to learn about SEO techniques.

The premise is simple, you want to receive a high ranking in the popular search engines, (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask) in order to receive more traffic from your target audience. Higher traffic volume means higher profits.

Internet Marketing Tip #3: Article Writing and Submission

Writing and submitting articles to article directories and eZines will produce a two-fold effect. First your articles will produce backlinks, which will boost your search engine ranking.

Second, writing quality articles will brand you as an expet in your niche and build trust with your potential customers. As there is no face to face meetings in online sales, building trust is a very important component, and writing articles is an excellent way to acheive it.

Internet Marketing Tip #4: Social Networking

Social Networking is HOT! Using social sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as part of your Internet Marketing Strategy can be a smart move.

Building a strong social network is easy and fun, and can result in a higher business profile and a wider customer base. It's also a no-cost way to bring targeted visitors to your website. The downside is that it is time draining.

Internet Marketing Tip #5: Find Your Voice

Speaking to your online prospects as you would a friend or family member increases conversion rates. Remember, your visitors are real people and they respond to being spoken to as they would by someone they know, sosmeone who cares about their needs.

Depending on your personality and your prospect audience, use a voice that is comfortable to you, but most of all be real. Speak simply and clearly. Provide a fresh prospective, not the same old tired content that is so prevalent these days.

Internet Marketing Tip #6: The Customer Voice

Customers are increasingly demanding a voice in the websites they frequent. Think about using blogs, forums, feedback forms, and the like. People like to be involved. So involve them - and they'll keep coming back. They will also recommend your site to their friends.

Internet Marketing Tip #7: Video Marketing

Using videos on your website increases traffic and time-on-site as well. Having a promotional video on your website, providing links to video content on email campaigns, and developing a supporter base within You Tube, are simple, effective, and affordable ways of generating new support for your website.

Another popular choice is using videos as part of your product offerings, as introductions to products in sales letters, as website welcome messages. The sky is the limit for creative ways to use video in your Internet marketing.

Internet Marketing Tip #8: Mobile Marketing

With the popularity of the iPhone and similar digital mobile devices, mobile marketing is becoming more and more popular. It seems like everyone has a mobile device, so what better way to reach your audience? In fact, according to Nielsen, nearly 40 million people in the US alone access email on a mobile device.

Originally, local businesses such as restaurants and theaters were the main users of this type of marketing. But now anyone can build an app, so the market has swung wide open.

If you want to get on the Mobile bandwagon, Click Here.

Internet Marketing Tip #9: Blogging

Blogging continues to grow as one of the best Internet Marketing strategies. The barriers to entry are so low, that absolutely anyone can play. Blogs are very popular with the search engines as well as visitors. A win-win situation.

Internet Marketing Tip #10: eMail Marketing

eMail marketing remains the mainstay of Internet Marketing. "The money is in the list" is still trumpeted far and wide by the experts.

Why does eMail marketing remain #1? Several reasons come to mind.

To begin with it's cost effective. Many web hosts provide autoresponders as part of their website package. If you purchase an autoresponder service, only a couple of sales are needed to cover the cost for a year's worth of usage.

It is the essence of relationship marketing. You build relationships with your potential customers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Building trust and confidence, will in turn provide profits.

eMail is also timely. When a time-sensitive situation arises you can provide your customers with an update, special sales information, etc. - immediately.

The best days to send emails is Tuesday to Thursday mornings. Usually Wednesday will get the optimum response. Generally 10:00-10:30 a.m. and 1:00-1:30 p.m. are the best times to send.

Internet Marketing Tip #11: Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing also remains popular. By providing informative reports, eBooks, etc. to your customers you are, again, building trust, confidence and branding. With viral marketing, however, it is expanded farther and farther. People begin to recognize you as an expert, which in turn brings them back to your website over and over. Traffic = Profits.

Placing links to other related products within your viral reports, can also make profits from your "free" product!

However you set up your viral product, to gain visitors to your website or to make sales from links within your product, it's a win, win situation.

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