Internet Explorer 10 Angers Digital Advertising By Doing Right By Consumers

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 10 Welcomed By Consumers...

Internet Explorer 10
Your every click is tracked online by the digital advertisers and the Internet browsers who are in cahoots with them. The sad fact is most people don't grasp just how much they're being watched, all in the name of marketing. As marketers, we can look at this two ways - both as someone selling to others and as someone whose privacy is being invaded.

In a bold move welcomed by many consumers, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 10 has chosen "do not track" as its default preference. This means you have to knowingly opt in if you want big brother to monitor your movements online.

And this has angered some in the digital advertising industry. According to the Wall Street Journal, Stu Ingis, general counsel of Digital Advertising Alliance, called Microsoft's move a "unilateral" decision that "raises a lot of concern." He said that industry supports "consumer choice, not a choice made by one browser or technology vendor."

This is double speak for, "We want consumers to be forced into manually opting out if they don't want us to track their every purchase and click - otherwise we may not make as much money."

The fact is, many web browser users don't fully grasp the meaning of "do not follow", nor do they customize their settings.

Microsoft's Chief Privacy Officer, Brendan Lynch, says the company made this decision because users should be able to "make a conscious choice to share information in order to receive more personalized ad content."

Bravo Microsoft - what took you so long?

Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.), the co-chair of the Bi-Partisan Congressional Privacy Caucus hopes, "Microsoft and other companies will go further in the future, so that Do Not Track also means "Do Not Collect", giving consumers the ability to say no to both targeted advertising and collection of their personal data."

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