Information Products Tutorial

Information Products - How to Create and Sell Them.

How To Create Information Products

Before you begin creating a product, there are a few very important steps you must take to insure the best possible results:

Topic: If you have an established business or have done your research and chosen a niche, you have the first step covered. Now you need to discover the problems that affect or are troublesome to others in your niche.

The key is to offer a product that people want – something for which the demand already exists. An easy way to determine demand is by using the Google keyword tool. This tool also tells you how covered the topics are. Further, it provides other keywords that might show a better potential.

Research: Now that you have your topic, do as much research as possible. Even if you’re an expert in your niche, there are always things you don’t know – get all the facts. It’s much easier to write about a subject that you’re very knowledgeable about. Good places for research are forums, discussion boards and social media sites.

Format: Now that you’ve decided what to write about you’ll need to choose the format of your product. Types of information products were discussed earlier and now it’s time to decide which format will be best for your audience. Perhaps you have a personal preference or maybe you discovered during your research that certain formats work better with your topic or audience.

OK, are you ready? Go…

Create Your Product: It’s time to put your knowledge and experience into an attractive product filled with valuable information.

Start by creating an outline of your product including the main topics you want to discuss. Then go back and fill in your outline with sub-topics and other points you want to make. Now start writing. Don’t worry about grammar or spelling at this point – all of your concentration should be on writing what you want to say.

Write to your reader, as though you were having a conversation. Use language that you would use when talking to a friend. If you get bogged down in a chapter, skip it, go to the next topic and come back later when your mind is cleared.

SIDEBAR: An alternate to writing your own information products is using PLR material. I’m not going to go into it here, but to learn about private label rights go here: For a run down on how to use PLR for your product, download thisFree eBook.

When you're finished writing it’s time to edit. Turn on your spell-check and grammar check, look for excessive and repetitive words. Make sure the language is simple – no jargon or technical speak, and make sure it flows and can be easily understood.

Now give your product some polish. Add your copyright page, borders if you choose, headers and footers, or table of contents. Make it look professional.

If you’re making an audio book, use your transcript above, and make your recording.

For Video’s you’ll need to prepare a script to follow.

If you haven’t yet put a title to your product (I prefer to do this first) now is the time. Put some time and effort into your title as it needs to catch people’s attention and at the same time give readers or viewers an idea of what your product is about.

You will also need an eCover for your product. Unless you’re a professional in graphic art, I would suggest you have a professionally made eCover. Most services will offer a package deal to include web site graphics and banners as well.

You should have a real sense of accomplishment now. Congratulate yourself!

Alternate Plan: Many information products sold by infopreneurs are written by ghostwriters or created by video services. If you simply have no writing talent or just don’t have the time to write or create your product, consider outsourcing. Read More

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