Information Products Tutorial

Information Products - How to Create and Sell Them.

The Many Types Of Information Products

We discussed how versatile these products are, now let’s see just what we can create:

eBooks: This is the most well known format. eBooks are very easy to create and can be instantly downloaded by the customer. About the only “equipment” you need is a word processor and a PDF creator. If you don’t have either of these items they can both be found on the Internet as free downloads. They may not have all the bells and whistles, but are functional.

Some people prefer using eBook compilers to create and distribute their books. Compilers offer more options and security than PDF.You can find reviews of some of the most popular compilers here.

Many people today are formatting their Books for the Amazon Kindle so they can be downloaded to the popular eBook Reader and also to have them placed at a well trafficked web site for marketing purposes. Another popular format is the Mobi-Pocket for download onto mobile devices. You can easily do this yourself for free.

Digital Reports: Similar to eBooks but in a shorter form, reports contain condensed content and sell at very low rates. Many marketers use reports as viral products, incentives or asa pre-selling tool.

Reports are usually in PDF format and are very easy and fast to create, so they can be a very useful item.

Audio: Audio recordings offer a way for you to get closer to your audience by becoming a real entity that they can hear. Audio also makes it easier for you to emphasize important points.

MP3 downloads are a very popular format. Usually, audio information products are accompanied by written transcripts or an eBook, which also provides the customer with a higher perceived product value.

Audio products are moderately easy to create now too. There is software available for free downloads that will record and convert your recordings to MP3 format. There are also free conference calling services that record the calls so no special equipment is required.

If you want to turn your recordings into CD’s there are companies available that will turn your audio files into CD’s and even ship them for you. There are services available that offer Pod casting as well.

Video: Today, videos are the hot commodity. Using videos as information products can take many forms. You can set up a power point presentation, a presentation with yourself as the “star”, show charts and illustrations explaining them one by one. You can even make a humorous video, showing all the wrong ways to do something and then explain the “right” way. There are really a lot of possibilities – your imagination is your only limitation.

Of course, video is more difficult to produce, but with the development of streaming video and faster Internet connections, it has become a very popular format for information products. You will need to invest in a decent video camera, and learn the ins and outs of filming. You can also use screen capture software like Cantasia to make presentations.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what you can do – let’s do it!   Read More

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