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Honest Riches - Make Honest Money Online
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Honest Riches is a guide on how to make money online, written by Holly Mann, a single Mom who needed to support her family - and found success online. The guide encompasses the tools and techniques she personally uses herself to accomplish her online success.

The first two editions of the book sold tens of thousands of copies, and now has been updated for the third time. This is a review of the third edition.

In my opinion, what sets Honest Riches apart from so many other books on the same topic, is that Holly doesn't assume you already know many of the concepts. She explains the concepts and the actions to take so that even a total beginner to Internet Marketing can understand how to undertake an action and why they are doing so.

The third Edition is 277 pages, divided into 10 mini-books, each on its own topic. It's fast paced,easy to read, and provides detailed and practical information on the industry - and without hype!

Honest Riches

Here is what you will find:

Affiliate Marketing
-A detailed explanation of Affiliate Marketing and just how it works
-Recommendations and comparisons of various types of affiliate programs
-How to choose the correct program for your particular circumstances
-Strategies to protect yourself and your commissions, such as link cloaking

Research and Preparation
-How to build a solid foundation for your business
-How to find your niche - and how to know what is and isn't profitable
-How to select the keywords that will earn the most revenue for you

Profiting Without A Web site
-Various methods of making money online without a web site
-Using social networking
-What is Web 2.0 and how to use it effectively to boost your income potential
-Instructions and common-sense guidelines on using eMail marketing

Web site Creation
-Detailed information on various methods of creating web sites
-Easy to understand explanations of HTML, PHP, CMS
-What is RSS and how to use it
-Detailed information on Blogs using Wordpress, Joomla

Search Engine Optimization
-Easy to implement strategies and techniques for Search Engine Optimization
-How to conduct SEO research
-How to analize your competition
-Tutorials and graphics guides on a multitude of subject areas

Advertising Methods
-How to use press releases, classified ads and article submissions
-How to use pay-per-click advertising
-Alternative advertising methods
-Free reports and how to profit from them

Product Creation
-Detailed instruction of creating and marketing your own digital product
-How to self-publish your eBook
-No cost methods to creating physical products

Advanced Monetizaiton
-Web 2.0 monetization methods
-Effective ways to use videos to make money online
-Various new monetization strategies

IM Toolkit
-Where to get the most useful free tools and software to save time and money
-A variety of money-making ideas to expand your income potential
-How to profit from Master Resell Rights and Private Label Rights

Personal Resources
-Listing and information on the programs and resources that Holly uses herself
-How to set up your computer and Internet to save time and money

Free Web site Design and Setup
-In order to receive this you must sign up for hosting with her hosting partner

As you can see, there is a lot of information covered in Honest Riches. You will not find any big or new 'secrets' here, although I found a few ideas and techniques that I wasn't actually aware of.

The magic of this guide is in the presentation. If you are new to marketing online, confused with information overload or simply not getting where you want to be because you don't know how to proceed next, Honest Riches will be a great resource for you.

This is not a get rich quick book. It's a sensible guide to starting your own online business - and with little or no financial outlay.

I am very impressed with this book and highly recommend it for anyone starting out online.

Click Here to visit the Honest Riches Web site

To Your Online Success!

Diane Thomas

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