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Expressing ideas clearly is what a writer must do in order to be successful. Grammar is the means that we do this. I know, just saying the word sends shivers down the spines of many writers. But alas, it is a part of our craft and one that we must conquer.

If we don't use grammar rules properly no one will be able to read and understand our works. We would not have our picture on the back of all those books, no one would show up at our book signings, no one would care if we were on tv. Oh my, I'm way ahead of myself here. Let's get back to the point we're all here.

The links here will give you a jump start on overcoming your fears and conquering your aversion to learning correct grammar.Don't be afraid - jump right in...

Grammar Rules and Punctuation

Common Errors in English Usage
If you have a question about a word you want to use, check it out here first...

The Elements of Style
The Elements of Style by William Strunk, online. Jr.

English Punctuation
Use the punctuation section to learn how to make your English clearer and better organised.

Garbl's Editorial Style Manual
Free style guide to answer questions about abbreviations, addresses, capitalization, English grammar, Internet terminology, numbers, plurals, possessives, punctuation, spelling and word usage.

If you need help with grammar, punctuation, or writing skills of any kind you've come to the right place!

Grammar Slammer!
The help file that goes beyond a grammar checker. Use it as you would any help file.

Guide to Grammar and Writing
A Guide to Grammar and Writing and Principles of Composition.

Guide to Spelling
Quick and Dirty Tricks of the Trade

Electronic grammar course at the University of Ottawa's Writing Centre.

The Hyper Text Book
Modern English Grammar from Department of English, College of DuPage

Merriam Webster Dictionary
Dictionary, Thesaurus and more...

Phrase Thesaurus
The Phrase Thesaurus is like an ordinary thesaurus, but it finds phrases rather than single words.

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