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From: Diane Thomas

Dear Fellow Marketer,

It's every mailing list owner's wish to continuously build their mailing list consistently in pursuit of making money online.

It makes sense, since the practice of publishing for profits dates way back into the early days of conventional businesses and the Industrial Age. The advantage we have today in the Information Age, though, is that we are able to publish our own eZine (or newsletter) "paperlessly" without incurring high publishing costs and well... save plenty of trees in the process.

With every savvy marketer often quoting that "the money is in the list", it becomes all too clear that the money-making success formula for every eZine publisher and mailing list owner can be summed up as:

Subscriber = Prospect = Potential Customer

And the more responsive subscribers you have, the more money you can make with every offer you send to your mailing list.

If It Is So Easy, Why Is It So Hard?

Yes, you read that right. If the success formula is so simple, then why are many mailing list owners struggling to make money from their list?

Now, this isreally interesting. the problem most eZine publishers and mailing list owners are having has little or nothing to do with starting their online eZine publication.

But rather, the major problem lies in list building. And this is true of most mailing list owners.

It's granted that any Tom, Dick and Harry can easily start his own eZine publication. And as I said earlier -- we can all publish our own paperless eZines without incurring high costs.

But not everyone can build their own mailing list easily and effectively.

And the result? Some eZine publishers lose a small fortune to ineffective advertising in pursuit of building their list while others are afraid of risking the little money they have, causing the size of their mailing list to remain meager.

Are you one of them?

You can resort to marketing methods such as article writing and Traffic Exchange, but how many subscribers do these methods get you? Not many, in the long run, compared to what I'm about to tell you.

Alternatively, you can buy subscribers from list brokers but if you're on a small budget, this option may not be for you, either.

I won't continue venturing into solutions that seem less possible to you for your needs, But have we established that you want to build your mailing list intensively?

And perhaps deep within, the challenge you want to pose to yourself - or anyone for that matter - is:

Challenge: How To Get
1,000 to 3,000 Subscribers
For FREE In 7 to 14 Days!

How do YOU - or any "somebody" or "nobody" - get 1,000 to 3,000 subscribers without spending a single cent on buying them over in the space of 7 to 14 days, even if you have a small or next-to-nothing mailing list?

It might seem like Mission Impossible to a budding eZine publisher, but I have good news for you:

A lot of eZine publishers have already accomplished this.

When they started building their list using the method I am about to show you, they had very little resources, subscribers or even "credibility" for that matter.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to be able to pull such a feat. In fact, you don't even need to be well-versed with programming!

And you can do it, too!

Having said that...


Giveaway Gold...

How to Start Your Very Own
Mini-Giveaway Event!

Build Your Mailing List Intensively
and Grab
1,000 to 3,000 Subscribers
the Smart, Easy Way -
Even if You
Have No Programming Skills

In this manual, discover:

How to grab at least 1,000 subscribers into your mailing list without paying a cent for them in the space of 7 to 14 days!

How to set up your very own Mini Giveaway event under 24 hours -- even if you have no programming skills!

The 5 ways of making money from running your Mini Giveaway event -- some of these techniques may be totally new to you!

How to write your promotion materials for your own use and Joint Venture (JV) Partners' endorsements!

How to convince your potential partners to team up with you in your Mini Giveaway venture! Whether you are a somebody or nobody, you will still be able to recruit powerful potential partners using some my proven techniques and draft letters!

The best places to look for powerful JV Partners who are ready to accept your JV proposal.

How to create your simple one-web page Mini Give Away event.

How to push your partners and promote the event in unison willingly for you!

Some awesome case studies and examples of real-life marketers who used this method to build their lists!

And much, much more!

It Cannot Get Any Quicker... And Easier!

Rather than participating in other people's Giveaway events in order to build your list, you can now host your very own Mini Giveaway event.

Whether you're going to do it for the first time or not.

Whether you're a somebody or nobody in Internet Marketing.

Whether you own a Bible on programming or know zilch about it.

And for the first time ever, I will show you how you can start your own Mini Giveaway event, minus the stress and useless work load.

Now at this point, I admit that you probably won't get as good a result as most big time Giveaway event runners. However, if you can get at least 1,000 subscribers (or more) through running your own Mini Giveaway event successfully, then this manual has done its job.

Ultimately, the purpose of my manual is to be able to show you how you can build your own mailing list the quick and easy way, something that most people often overlook owing to its simplicity.

Many individuals and small time marketers did very well with this method that has enabled them to rival even the giants of Internet Marketing when it comes to list building. So can you, too!

As long as you have a strong desire to build your mailing list the smart, quick and easy way, look no further because my manual is what you are looking for.

So, How Much Is This
Manual Worth To You?

Consider the following:

  • If you buy subscribers for say, 10 cents a name, then 1,000 subscribers mean $100.00 to you.

  • And if 1,000 subscribers mean 20 customers to you (at 2% conversion rate) for a product you sell at $97.00, then 1,000 subscribers mean $1,940.00 to you.

  • By the same token, since this manual can show you how to get at least 1,000 subscribers for FREE, then this manual is worth $1,940.00 to you. Let's not forget that practicing the information within this manual also means that you save at least $100.00 from buying subscribers.

Yes, the power of the information within this manual, if practiced, is worth that much.

But since the manual doesn't come with hand-by-the-hand coaching, videos, or audio, I can let you have a copy of this manual at a deep discount of only $17.00.

Read that right -- that's only $17.00...

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I think that struggling with building your mailing list the old fashioned way is much more costly than investing in my manual. And I haven't even taken into account the amount of potential revenue and the time you could be wasting, either.

Which one is more expensive? Investing $17.00 in getting the quick and easy "know how" on building your mailing list? Or save $17.00 and struggle to build your meager list while wasting even more time, effort... and money?

The choice is clear.

Finally, I'm wrapping this offer to you with a great guarantee:

100% Satisfaction 30-Day
Money Back Guarantee

Forget contemplating. Your time and the future of your mailing list is too important to be distracted by minor choices.

Just try it out -- NOW!

You have a full 30 days to try my manual out. Read it. Use the information within. Apply the techniques. Review your results.

I know you will agree with me that this is one of your best investments ever made when it comes to building your mailing list the quick and easy way.

But if for any reason, you have tried out the information within my manual and you are dissatisfied with it, you can ask for a refund within 30 days from the moment you purchase my manual. Just delete the manual from your hard drive and I won't question you.

That's right -- you've got a full 30 days to try it out, which is longer than enough. You cannot lose.

Get Your Copy And Build Your
List Warp-Speed

It doesn't matter if it's early in the morning. The system is automated and the manual is available to you in digital format. You will be able to receive the product instantly, as soon as you make your payment via the Order Button below.

Your choice is clear --

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Wishing You Success
Diane Thomas,
eBook Crossroads

P.S. Finally, you can quickly and easily build your mailing list using an ingenius concept used by several Internet Marketers from around the world!

P.P.S. You are covered by my 30-day Money Back Guarantee so you can't lose as the risks are all on me. And remember, if you leave this page without securing a copy of "Giveaway Gold", you will be risking a chance to easily build your mailing list!

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