GetResponse Autoresponder

Product Review of the GetResponse Autoresponder

GetResponse Autoresponder
Software Review

Following up with prospective customers that visit your web site is an essential part of a successful ecommerce business. Doing it well involves using an auto responder.

One of the basic concepts of an Internet business is the need for webmasters to capture visitors attention - and email addresses. This is usually done by getting them to sign up for newsletters or requesting information. When that happens the auto responder takes over.

GetResponse is widely recognized as being one of the best auto responders, with over 300,000 people using it on a regular basis. So let's take a look...

GetResponse is a remotely-hosted auto responder system that automates the task of sending scheduled, follow-up email marketing messages. Tools and tutorials are provided to assist you in collecting email addresses from visitors that are interested in your products and services.

The GetResponse system collects and records the data from your visitors, and then enables you to broadcast messages to these mailing lists at the touch of a button. Further you can set up a series of messages in advance and have them automatically emailed to your prospects at intervals you designate.

And - not to worry, there is a spam check feature that helps you improve your messages so they are not blocked by a recipient's ISP. There is also a good support network, via telephone and email, plus a web board where you can post questions and queries.

Feature Listing:

  • Unlimited number of follow-up emails, that are queued in advance to be sent out on given dates.
  • Unlimited email message length.
  • Unlimited number of broadcast emails
  • Broadcast messages can be sent out immediately or queued in advance to be sent out on given dates.
  • Personalization features.
  • Redirect subscribers to a "Confirmation" page on your web site.
  • Customizable "Remove" page.
  • HTML function converts HTML messages into plain text for non-HTML email software.
  • Performance tracking of each email message.
  • Add or remove subscribers from one or more accounts.
  • Option to follow-up emails
  • Option to add custom variables to emails
  • Option to import and export your mailing list database.
  • Option to attach files to auto responder, follow-up and broadcast emails.
  • 30-day, money-back guarantee.
  • All in all GetResponse is a solid auto responder with an incredible number of features from a very reputable company. It matches or exceeds it's competitors features and reliability and the price is right!.

    If you're serious about list-building you'd be hard-pressed to come up with a reason not to use GetResponse. You can even try it out for free.

    For more information and details on GetResponse, Click here.

    To Your Online Success!

    Diane Thomas

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