Just Get Started

Just Get Started - No Excuses, No procrastination...

Just Get Started
Getting started is often the biggest hurdle we face.

But once we get started, it's easy to keep going.

A body in motion tends to stay in motion.A body at rest tends to stay at rest.

So get moving. Get started. Tell yourself you're simply going to take the first action, and then take it.

Often you'll find yourself finishing the task before you know it.

For example, I don't like to do the dishes.

Actually, I hate doing dishes. Know the feeling?

So I tell myself that I'm just going to do the first five dishes, whether they're plates, silverware, glasses, whatever.

Just 5. And I count them out, too. Sometimes my mind gets distracted before I get to #5 and before I know it I'm almost finished.

Other times getting to #5 seems almost painful. But then I look at the 5 I did, and the smaller pile of those left, and I decide to do 5 more.

It's the same for cleaning off the top of my desk. I tell myself I'm just going to clear off 10 things, and most times I lose count before I'm halfway through because I get engrossed in the activity.

And then I want to keep going and I want to finish.

Do you lift weights? Then I bet you already do this.

You tell yourself just 3 more reps.

Then after those 3 you tell yourself 2 more.

After those 2 you tell yourself just 2 more.

And so on.

In weight training the technique keeps you going.

In business it gets you over the hurdle of just getting started.

So if you're putting off doing something in your business, then just get started.

Do the first 5 what-evers, or even the first 1.

Then do a little more, and a little more after that.

Soon you'll be finished, and you'll wonder why you put it off in the first place.

Start early and often.

Start a lot, and you might just get addicted to not only starting, but also to getting things done.

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