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Permission based eMail Marketing Resources for Advertisers

eMail Permission marketing is the fastest and most cost effective way to build brands, generate income, strengthen and produce customer relationships. Whether you're just starting your first campaign or are a seasoned professional, these permission marketing resources will show you how to take full advantage of the tremendous opportunities provided by this powerful communication medium.

eMail Marketing Tips

Use Good Design & Format
Weak designs and improper format frustrates users. If they can’t easily find the information they want, they will delete or opt out.

Your email must stand out in a crowded inbox. Put your company name in the 'from' line for fast recognition and add a 'grabber' subject line. You have just a couple of seconds to make your case, so don’t waste them! Put important content - the offer, the call to action, newsletter contents - up at the top for immediate viewing.

The Importance of Optimized Landing Pages
Having a strong email message is only the first step in an eMail campaign. You have to deliver your recipients to a landing page that makes it easy for them to take the desired action. A good landing page works in tandem with an effective email campaign.

Short Subject Lines Produce Higher Open and Click-Through Rates
In addition to a shorter subject line being visible in its entirety in most email clients, shorter subject lines are more easily and quickly comprehended by recipients. Studies have shown that subject lines 50 characters or less in length led to increased open and click-through rates.

Be Consistent with Your Message Throughout Your Entire Email Marketing Campaign
Your message should be consistent in both your digital marketing campaign and in your campaign across traditional media channels. A consistent message broadcast throughout the email marketing campaign reinforces the same message along traditional advertising channels.

Studies show that the greater number of personalization elements in an email, the higher the response rates.

You know, of couse, that addressing your emails with the recipient's first name is a must do, but by taloring your messages to the specific profile and preferences of your recipients will bring even better response rates.

Another personalization tip is to use the recipient's name within the body of your email, to make your prospective customers feel the email is really directed at them personally.

eMail Marketing Resources

One Week Marketing
One Week Marketing is an action plan that doesn't mince words - no hype! It covers how to maximize your time effectively, how to get on the front page of Google, how to improve rankings and get targeted traffic to your pages.
Click here and check it out.

Solo Build It!
Solo Build It
Solo Build It is an All-in-One web-hosting, web-business solution consisting of nearly everything you will ever need to make money online, from autoresponders to keywords research tools. All those tools are integrated and arranged in a simple easy to use format in a panel called site central. Solo Build It goes beyond web hosting and actually shows you how to build a website that ensures that it attracts targeted visitors for a long time to come.

The real value in Solo Build It is its online business building course, library of articles and videos. When you buy Solo Build It you’ll discover a very well prepared 10 day course that gets you online with a website and shows you how to turn your website into a growing business. Click here to take a look. I believe you'll be very impressed.

A Weber
Every business, big or small needs an autoresponder if they want to increase their online presence and build a list of prospects. A Weber is my recommendation for any business or individual looking to get involved with online marketing or that wants to provide a newsletter for their client base and/or is interested in email marketing. It is very user friendly, offers tracking and analytics and most importantly is one of the most reliable services in the industry. Click here to check it out for yourself with their 1$ introductory offer.

Affiliate Blogger Pro
Affiliate Blogger PRO is a multi-media course and membership program that gives you the tools and information you need to start a profitable online business through affiliate marketing and blogging. Regardless of your skill, age, experience, or educational background, Affiliate Blogger PRO will teach you how to become a successful affiliate marketer and money-making blogger. The package consists of a 10 module training program, including printable lessons, over 200 tutorials, tips and real life examples. Click here to check it out.

Inside The List shows you how to harness the potential of successful email marketing and list building. With all the hype regarding Joint Ventures, Inside The List will show you exactly how Kyle & Carson use email marketing to earn thousands of dollars of profit per day online without doing Joint Ventures with self acclaimed "guru's". Click here to find out more.

Make Your Words Sell
Make Your Words Sell
No matter what marketing tricks or strategies you use, without the right words, you'll never sell anything. Copywriting is the name of the Internet game and Make Your Words Sell is the ultimate book (actually, 4 volumes) on copywriting. This book will show you how to make the most productive use of words for whatever your writing, website copy, email ad, etc. MYWS is about writing Internet sales copy that persuades and motivates readers into action. This is a must read - and it's free... To read my review Click here

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