Turbo-charge Your eBook Writing

eBook Writing for success and profits!

By Diane Thomas

If you write eBooks (or want to) you probably wish you could write faster without compromising the quality of your work.

There are a number of methods that you can use when eBook writing to shorten your writing time while maintaining the integrity of your work - maybe even improving it. Just a few of these methods are outlined below:

Comfort: I know this sounds simplistic, but it works. Find a setting that is comfortable for you. It can be in youroffice, or in your bed (no T.V.).

Take this a step further and make sure you are dressed comfortably as well. Yes, if you're most comfortable in your P.J's, that's ok.

When you are in you're comfort zone you're ability to write quickly and produce you're best work is at it's highest.

Distractions: Make sure that all distractions are eliminated. This may seem difficult, but a little planning can solve a lot of problems.

If you're a work-at-home parent, make sure your children are safely out of the way with a sitter, at school, napping or asleep for the night. If you live on a busy street, close the windows, well you get the drift...

The elimination of distractions will allow you to write quicker and is also known to reduce or eliminate the chance of developing writer's block.

Outline: If you've heard that an outline is a waste of time, don't believe it. There are unlimited benefits to using an outline.

For instance, you know exactly what you want to write and how you're going to do it. This means that you can simply focus on you're writing and not worry about your next step. It also means the order of your writing is set and you won't forget a step.

This method of eBook writing will save you considerable time.

SpellCheck: Even though you're going to edit your workwhen you've completed the eBook, using SpellCheck and GrammarCheck will have already spotted or eliminated many errors.

If you use a word processor such as Microsoft Word, your spelling errors and gramatical questions will be highlighted. With this in mind you can write away and make corrections when you're finished. This will keep your writing and ideas flowing.

Proofreading: You may like to proofread your writing paragraph-by-paragraph,or chapter-by-chapter, but this is a time waster. Once you're on a roll with your writing it is best to keep going.

Editing and proofreading will have to be done when you finish, so don't interrupt the flow of your writing with continual proofreading. You'll simply waste time and effort.

Time: Speaking about time, don't worry about it! Even if you're on a deadline (and who isn't?), worrying about the time it's going to take to write will distract you and have a negative impact on your work.

Focus on your writing, not the time it takes to do it. By doing so you'll end up writing faster and without the mistakes that will cost even more time to re-write.

Writing eBooks, whether for information products or fiction, is a very lucrative venture and discovering ways to create them in less time can add to your profit line.

The tips described above are simple and designed to make your writing flow in the shortest time possible. Try them out and see how much quicker your ebook writing is accomplished.

These are just a few of the many methods of making your eBookwriting successful. For a complete, step-by-step guide to writing and marketing your eBooks You can make big money writing little books and eBooks has all the answers.

About the Author

Diane Thomas has been successfully helping people write, publish, market and earn their way online for the past 10 years. For more information on writing, visit her at eBook Crossroads.com.

You may reprint or distribute this article as long as you leave the content, the links and the resource box intact.

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