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eBook Software Reviews for eBook writing and publishing.

Here you will find comprehensive eBook Software Reviews of some of the most popular eBook Compilers to assist you in making a more educated decision when selecting a software for your self-publishing requirements. There are many excellent Software Programs with many different features. To make your choice, decide what it is that you want to accomplish, or what you want to do with your eBook and choose the Software with the best features to allow you to do so. For more tips and information on choosing eBook Software, go to What Are eBook Compilers and How Do I Choose One?

eBook Software Reviews

Activ Ebook Compiler 4.22   $49.95 USD

An eBook Crossroads favorite, Activ Ebook Compiler is easy to use and loaded with features. Supports HTML, GIF, JPEG, and all active X plug-ins. Each ebook is a self-contained windows program and allows distribution on any media, including e-mails, CD's and internet downloads.

Password protection, internet linking, branding, unique serial numbers, icon customization, splash screens and start up messages, file compression plus free life-time upgrades are all standard features. Also included in this ebook software package is a re-brander, preprocessor, active script and detailed instructions with step-by-step guides to creating ebooks in HTML, Power Point and Microsoft Word. Developer Sumel Tanna is so confident this eBook software will impress you he offers a free download of the basic program.


Adobe Acrobat
Acrobat XI Standard   $294.99 USD

Converts any document to a PDF file, and your document will look exactly as you intended - with layout, fonts, links and images intact. It also protects your documents from unauthorized access or alterations. Adobe Acrobat XI wraps video and animations into PDF's, supports 3D images, enhances 256-encryption, can take Web page snapshots, and improves form management. Unfortunately, it isn't easy to master and technical support can be costly. But that aside, the latest Adobe Acrobat allows you to easily create and share PDF files that can be viewed reliably on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Edit PDF files intuitively within Acrobat or convert them to Microsoft Word or Excel formats. Electronically sign documents yourself or get them signed by others.


Desktop Author  $59.95 USD

Desktop author allows you to create 3D, page-turning ebooks, brocures and many other presentations. The final product looks like a real book and can feature beautiful images, even videos and the pages flip just like a book. The file is in DNL format and requires a DNL reader. The program has a user friendly interface,and is easy to use, even for beginners. There are plenty of icons and menues to use, which at first sight may seem confusing, but once you start browsing the program it all becomes very clear. Pricing is reasonable and you can try it out with a free trial.


Easy Viral PDF Brander
Easy Viral PDF Rebrander  $67.00 USD

The Easy Viral PDF Brander is installed as a script that is uploaded to your server. The brander is easy to install and set up and allows rebranding of PDF eBooks and reports for your affiliates. You have total control over what links can be rebranded. This can be a great sales tool to provide for your affiliate program. It's priced reasonably and comes with a 60-day guarantee.


eBook Maestro
eBook Maestro   $19.95 USD

EBook Maestro PRO is a combination of an eBook compiler and online activation system. This compiler creates feature-rich eBooks with a full spectrum of security features including online activation and full fledged try-before-you-buy support. Copy & paste, drag & drop, print, image/text selection, ctrl & alt keys and print screen can all be disabled. eBook Maestro offers a rich,well organized interface with an array of customizable features. Support for embedded scripts, Flash, PDF, Shockwave and video formats provides a richer, more innovative experience compared to other publishing options. Finished eBooks may include a fast search engine, read-out-loud mode, URL to open on exit and a customizable icon. All aspects of your eBook are highly configurable such as window settings, context menus, control bar, search bar and left panel navigation.


Ebooks Writer Pro   $129.90 USD

EBooks Writer Pro is a full visual editor that creates self extracting ebooks with one click from a single one source file with no compilation involved. Features include a built-in browswer, full text search capability, password protect of all or part of the eBook, expiry date, print and copy disable, freely distributable - no royalties. Includes frames, popup windows, visual linking and text styles. Does not require Internet Explorer. An online manual is provided for ease of learning.


KeeBook Creator Pro version 2.7.6
KeeBook Creator Pro 2.7.6   $336.15 USD

100% compatibility with Windows XP and Vista, this eBook software provides the power to collect, organize, comment, share and present information in KeeBook format. Great for eBooks, Newsletters, eCatalogs, eBrochures without wasting time on graphic creation. Geared to making the circulation and reading process of internal documents easier along with searching, collecting and filing of web pages.


Natata eBook Compiler  $39.99 USD

Natata eBook Compiler is a powerful eBook software that can be used to compile e-books, offline web pages, HTML photo albums, presentations and more...The interface uses a step-by-step approach that guides you through the process of creating your compiled file.

eBooks can be distributed in a single self-contained compact executable file that can contain HTML pages, JavaScripts, VBScript, text documents, graphics, Animated GIF files, photos, sounds, music and more. eBook doesn't require any installation on the user's PC or special viewer.

eBooks are protected against copying. In the security features you can disable copy / paste functions, protect your e-Book with a password, disable the context menu or disable printing.


NeoBook 5.8.4   $189.95 USD

Impressive multimedia eBook software for newsletters, interactive catalogs, training manuals and more. Supports the majority of common video and sound files. You can create stand alone applications using text, pictures, sounds, video, hypertext and special effects. Interactive tools including a floating toolbar and a spell checker makes compiling a professional presentation quick and easy.


ViralPDF   $27.00 USD

Viral PDF allows unlimited rebrand of text, links, and hyperlinks in your unencrypted PDF documents. You can brand eMail addresses, set up an expiration date, use catch-all tags if your affiliate doesn't have their own id. You can even hide affiliate links using Acrobat's "Base URL" feature. Branding is as simple as dragging the file into the branding program and dropping it, or going to "File" - "Open" to open the PDF file within the brander. You simply change the brandable affiliate links to your own and save the file.


Web Exe   $39.95 USD

Web Exe provides guidance for the program via a "wizard". No need for selecting files manually at start up, the wizard automatically collects all linked files. Icons also provide ease of use and a detailed help file is provided.

Features include an independent browser (no need for IE or other software to run this program); files are compressed and require less space for storage; exe files are loaded from memory and not stored to your hard disk; search, print, copy and save functions can be disabled; provides password protection and expiry date; branding; and compiled ebooks have support of 8 languages.

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