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Introduction to eBook Publishing

The development of electronic publishing is rapidly bringing about changes in the publishing industry. Since the emergence of Amazon's Kindle, eBooks are quickly establishing their presence within the publishing community.

The potentially large market is generating a great deal of money for development of both software and hardware for the fledging industry. Even traditional publishing houses are climbing on board and converting new releases and backlists into eBook formats.

Because the technology is faster and far less expensive, a growing number of ePublishers and publishing services have emerged. These companies hope to compete with traditional publishers by providing authors many more publishing options.

Here we hope to provide information and resources for those of you who are ready to get on board with this fast growing industry.

eBook Publishing Resources

Advice and information regarding eBook Publishing.

Copyright Resources
Faq's and information on copyright issues.

eBook Compilers:
Software used for creating ebooks.

eBook Promotion:
Information about marketing and promoting ebooks.

eBook Readers:
Software programs and devices for reading and storing electronic books.

Listing of Subsidy and Non-subsidy ePublishers.

ePublisher Services Directory:
Listing of vendors providing services for eBook Publishing, including eBook design, cover art and conversion services.

Publishers Associations:
Organizations and groups related to publishing.

All the resources you need to self-publish your eBook.

Web Publishing:
Building and promoting your website.

Solo Build It
One of the key components to selling and promoting eBooks is with a great website - and Solo Build It is just that! Not only will you build a terrific website, you'll build your ebook business at the same time. Solo Build It is not a typical web host, it's a business builder. It comes with all the tools you need promote your eBook(s) with ease.

Guide To eBook Publishing

1. Write a business plan. If you will be seeking financial assistance this is the first thing a bank or financial institution will ask for. It is also a very important tool for you as it will layout exactly what you plan to do, how you plan to do it and will provide a timeline so you know you are on course.

2. Apply for a Business Entity. This can be done quite simply through your County Clerk or to incorporate there are several online companies such as Business Filings, Inc., or The Company Corporation . Consult with your attorney to decide what entity is best for your purposes. He/she can handle this task for you if you prefer.

3. Establish a business address. Sign up for a post office box or a box at a mailbox store to use for business correspondence. Once done, order your business stationary and business cards.

4. Open a business checking account.

5. Procure an Accountant.Even if you are not proficient in accounting practices, and most entrepreneurs are not, business practices are different from personal and very much scrutinized. The importance of keeping good financial records cannot be overstated.

6. Procure a resale certificate from your State Tax Department. Your Accountant can do this for you if you prefer.

7. You are now set to begin organizing your business. Make alliances with service providers for services you cannot supply in-house if you have not done so already, and/or hire employees. This would include a cover designer, illustrator or graphic artist, editor, a printer if you are offering POD services, depending on the services you plan to offer.

8. Set up your contracts. This is a job for your attorney, but to familiarize yourself with contracts and issues go to http://www.ivanhoffman.com/helpful.html

9. Purchase a block of International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN). Each book you publish will have it's own number. This number identifies your publishing company and book and is necessary for selling books in the retail market. A block of ten numbers should be fine to start with, however you can order blocks of one hundred or one thousand. For more information on ISBN numbers Click here.

This may all sound very daunting but it's really not. In 10 easy steps you are ready for your first client. Now is when your work really begins...

Be sure to use the eBook Publishing Resources listed here to assist you in your new eBook publishing business.

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