eBook Promotion Resources

eBook Promotion Resources and Tools for Profitable eBook Sales

OK, you've written and published your eBook, now what?

Now is the time for eBook promotion. Marketing and promotion is probably the hardest and most time consuming part of publishing a book. And it makes no difference if you self-published or you were published by a traditional publisher - promotion of your book is basically up to the author (unless you're Stephen King or some other best-selling author).

Here are a few things you can do to get a start on your promotion right now.

Write a press release announcing the publishing of your Book and send it to your local media - newspaper, radio, TV, etc. Following are a couple of sites that will show you how to write one - and then scroll down to the resouces for places to send it.

Publicity Insider



Don't forget the obvious - it's easy and cheap! Broadcast to friends, family and co-workers, and let them know where they can get a copy of your new book.

Set up a website to sell your eBook. A great way to get your site up and running is with an SBI website. You'll learn everything you need to set up your site, promote your book and establish your business. Plus to comes with all the tools you need as well.

Today Social Media is the hot ticket. Not only can you connect with readers (and other writers), but it's free! Make sure you sign up with Twitter and Facebook. Setting up a Facebook fan page is also an excellent idea. To learn how go here. Lastly for a "sticky" site to get the word out on your book, set up an account at Stumble Upon.

For even more ideas, scroll down to our vast collection of marketing and promotion options, tips, strategies and tools.

eBook Promotion Resources

Advice and information regarding promoting your eBooks.

What better way to publisize your book?

Newsletter Publishing:
Promote your website and your eBook with your own newsletter.

Web Publishing:
Resources and information for publishing your website.

ePublisher Services Directory:
Listing of vendors providing services for eBook Publishing, including eBook design, cover art, publicity and promotion.

Book Reviewers:
A good review of your book can be very helpful in your promotions. EBC offers an extensive listing.

Publisher Associations:
Associations that provide resources and assistance to publishers.

Solo Build It
Solo Build It! provides all the software, tools and techniques you need to build a web site that is content rich and traffic targeted. Ken Evoy is the master builder and has provided a power packed program for building a successful, money-making web site. Ken takes you step-by-step, from concept to completion, explaining how and why all along the way.

In addition to the invaluable information, your domain name, a year of web site hosting and an enormous amount of tools not found anywhere else is included with this unique system. Read the review of this highly recommended product Here

Press releases
Press Releases are the core of almost every major eBook promotion campaign. These links will show you how to use them to your best advantage.

Press Release Submission
Online Press Release at PR Web

List Your Book On These Sites
These sites will list your eBook, provide an author bio and some will provide additional eBook promotion as well.

Wisdom eBooks

Free articles are always a great informational source. Here are a few to assist in your eBook promotion campaign.

EBook Promotion - It's FREE If You Know Where To Look

How to Write Press Releases That Work And Get Free Publicity for Your Business

eBook Promotion Made eEasy!

Books on eBook Promotion
Books are always a great source of knowledge, and these are no exception. You will find a lot of promotional information here.

Red Hot Internet Publicity
Discover 6 need-to-know rules of publicity for the Internet age · The best way to design, write, and promote a website to sell your book · 12 blockbuster techniques to use blogs for book publicity. Proven "live promotion" techniques you can use to reach a worldwide audience,and much more.

Sell Your Book on Amazon
This book tells you how to do it all, plus so much more. It's a tremendous value with a wealth of information at your fingertips. Start increasing your book sales instantly by ordering today.

How To Market, Sell, Distribute, And Promote Your Book
Critical, Hard-to-Find Information for Authors and Publishers This concise book is packed with links to Web sites that can answer all the basic questions you have about what to do when your book is published.

55 Ways to Promote & Sell Your Book on the Internet
This book reveals the most practical and cost-effective ways that successful authors have promoted themselves and their books online. It demystifies Internet book marketing and makes it accessible to any author at any skill level.

The Zen of Social Media Marketing
The Zen of Social Media Marketing outlines the most popular social media tools, from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn, and teaches you how to use them, step by step - and provides proven strategies for success

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