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What Is an Ebook Compiler and How Do I Choose One?

Simply stated, a Compiler is a software program that converts HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), PDF, or text pages into a single executable file or eBook. These products may also be called eBook Creators, HTML Compilers or eBook Software.

There are many different types of compilers and many products available. Choosing the right one for you can be a daunting task. But let's give it a try...

Your choice of eBook Software will depend upon:

  • How you choose to create your pages. Are you going to use an HTML (HyperText Markup Language ) or PDF (Portable Document File) format? HTML has been the format of choice in the past, but PDF has now taken over.

  • What you are going to use your book for. There are many variables to consider depending on what you plan to do with your book. For instance, are you going to give it away as a marketing tool, or are you going to sell it?

  • Security Features. If you are going to sell your ebook you should review security features very carefully. Your readers must not be able to modify the eBook contents, and they should only access the pages you want them to unless they enter the correct password. A good ebook compiler should offer different ways to generate different types of passwords, ranging from secure to user-friendly and open.

  • What Scripting support is provided? Scripting is a way to provide special effects, customized menus and other user interactivity. Make sure you select a compiler that allows you to include hyperlinks, graphics, search, forms, etc. Depending on your intended usage, scripting support may be crucial to your ebook's success.

  • Ease of Use and instructional documentation. Be sure the software provides instructional documentation, manuals, wizards, etc. to ensure proper usage. Many companies offer a free trial - use it. Make sure the compiler works as advertised.

  • Pricing. Pricing is not always a good barometer. Do not assume that a high price will give you the best value. Many of the lower and mid priced compilers offer the same, if not more, features than their higher priced counterparts. Remember, your choice depends upon your particular requirements and usage needs, so do your homework.

    Keep in mind that the majority of HTML compilers require a Windows (min) 95/98 operating system to view your ebook. There are some that require a special reader software. Most require a browser, usually a Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape version 4 or 5, although there are some that are stand-alone programs and can run on any Windows based system. The bottom line is - know your targeted audience.

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    eBook Software for MAC

    Adobe Acrobat 9.0
    Popular choice for all users.

    eDOC Creator
    Stand-alone files similar to eBook Compilers for Windows

    Free Software

    MobiPocket Creator
    Create personal databases and documents.

    Electronic Book Shell
    Create eBooks, reports fast

    Converts files to PDF

    Convert text (TXT) files to HTML...

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