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eBook Crossroads Insider -- Beware The Marketing Hype!
July 22, 2005

Beware The Marketing Hype!

July, 22, 2005
Volume 4, Issue #1
Diane Thomas, Editor:

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A special welcome to all of our new subscribers!

As you may have noticed (tsk tsk) the eBook Crossroads Insider has been on a fairly long sabbatical. My apologies, but time constraints have made it difficult to keep up (although I would be the very first to tell you to make sure you get your newsletter out on a consistent basis).

While I have been derelict in my duties as newsletter publisher, I have been very busy with eBook Crossroads. It just keeps growing and growing. The latest addition is the Marketing section which includes lots of information on all types of Internet Marketing. If you haven't been there yet, please check it out...

Most of the sections have been expanded and I'm now in the process of upgrading the Writing and Publishing sections.

As we have a new beginning to the newsletter a little feed back as to how I can best serve you seems to be in order. Due to the cross section of topics, I wonder if you would prefer a separate newsletter just for writers, or perhaps two editions a month rather than one long one. Please let me know your preferences and ideas and we'll go from there.

Our topics this month are a must for writers and publishers alike - marketing - and Google. I hope you enjoy this edition.

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Marketing your product, book or service can be a very daunting task. If you are like me you receive many emails daily telling you the only person to listen to is "Joe Guru". He has the products or information you must have - he is the expert in the field - and on and on. Unfortunately, there are now a bazillion "Joe Guru's" hawking all sorts of marketing information and products. So who do you listen to, who do you believe in, what products really do work?

Let's start at the very beginning. Common sense - if it (or he/she) sounds too good to be true it (he/she) is. I have purchased some of these products and read a lot of this information. Has it helped me. Some of it has, most of it has been a waste of time and money.

To begin with, becoming an instant millionaire, or having your book on the top ten list in less than a month is not likely, so save your hard earned money. Sounds great, but will most probably not happen. The methods online are different, but you aren't any more likely to become an overnight success online than you would offline.

Hard work, determination and staying power is what will ultimately bring you success.

When I started online, I had absolutely no idea of what needed to be done. I had a vision, but no means of executing it. I was very fortunate because after a couple of false starts (which I won't go into here) I found a program that gave me the start I needed. Not only did I put up a website, knowing nothing at all about HTML, Java or any programming language. I built a business doing what I wanted to do,

I can now boast that I have 95 pages ranked in the top 10 with the major search engines. 72 of which are in the top 5 and 36 are ranked #1. eBook Crossroads is also ranked in the top 2% at Alexa. So how did I do this with no technical knowledge - and not much money?

I came across a program called Site Build It! by Ken Evoy. Ken is not known as one of the top gurus (although he has become one of the most respected authors and marketers on the Internet). He does not send hype emails - he teaches and he tells you like it is! He has grown Site Build It! from a limited web hosting/ building program to an all inclusive, very sophisticated, business building program. Everything you need to build your business, be it selling a book, providing publishing services, selling motorcycle accessories or real estate, you will find in this program.

I can't say enough wonderful things about SBI! - because I don't believe I would have a successful online business today without it. You can find more information on this great program here:

There are other excellent programs and books out there as well. Here are a few resources that, in my opinion anyway, really are what they are cracked up to be:

The most important marketing tool you need is a website that is search engine optimized. Yes, this is a marketing tool - because if no one can find your website, you won't sell that great product, service or book. 1st Search Ranking, run by Sumantra Roy (again not a "guru" but one of the most respected search engine positioning specialists on the Internet) is the best service I have found. You can check it out here:

Copy writing expertise is something we all wish came naturally, unfortunately most of us need help in this critical area. Yanic Silver, a copywriter by trade, put together a book of sales letters for your advertising campaigns that you can simply insert your particulars and viola an instant sales letter. You can find this unique resource here:

Another must have are autoresponders. AWeber has a quality service, one of the best online. You can find it here:

Implex's Get Response is a really good autoresponder service as well. Click here to check out Get Response: Another great product from Implex is the HyperTracker for tracking your sales campaigns. This program will show you in real statistics which ads, visitors and products are productive and which are not. You can find it here:

Lastly, one of my favorite books is Make Your Site Sell, by yes, none other than Ken Evoy. This is simply "the best" marketing ebook for selling yourself and your products online. If you don't read anything else, you should read this book!

This is certainly not all there is to eMarketing, but these few resources should give you some No-Hype help in choosing marketing products that will really work for you.

Copyright 2005 Diane Thomas


Harry Potter by JK Rowlings (Audio Book)

The Secret Man by Bob Woodward (Audio Book)

The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams(eBook)

French Women Don't Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano (eBook)

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Webmasters across the Internet were totally floored by what happened to their Google ranking recently. Those whose pages were ranked on top seemed to totally disappear, and many who had been ranked at the bottom were suddenly in the top 10.

So what caused this phenomenon? Simply put, Google spent a lot of time (and probably money) coming up with new ranking guidelines. In Webmaster speak, "Google changed their algorithm".

Why? you ask...Google, from the beginning has been more in tune with what people are searching for than any of the other search engines or directories. They have always seemed to be more in sync with the average surfer - in other words when you search you actually find what your looking for.

Well, apparently they just weren't satisfied. So they decided to make it even better.

On first glance I thought they had made a huge mistake, but as Webmasters began reworking their websites and pages to get back to the top ranking positions, it appears to me that their idea was right.

In case your wondering, I was one of the Webmasters whose site seemed to disappear! And let me tell you it was scary. I lost 700-800 visitors a day - and a lot of income.

I went to the Google site to try and figure out what they were looking for, and frankly didn't find much that I didn't already know, so I set about reworking my pages and website so that this couldn't happen to me again.

In record time, after evaluating and reworking and submitting my pages, they went back to the top. In fact, some that I could never get to the top are there now.

What I found was that although keywords are still a prominent factor and linking was important, that the relativity of the pages became very important.

In other words, the keywords and links really have to be relevant to the entire page - and to the site as well. Google likes everything linked internally. I'm sure the idea being that this ensures the "search results" will indeed provide what the surfer is really after - and that's their bread and butter.

The bottom line is that after going thru a very harrowing experience, my website and my profit line are all the better for it. In other words, I ended up with a better website, a better idea of what my visitors are really after, and long term I don't think this could ever happen to me again.

I know that everyone is out there giving advice and speculating, not to mention the new products that have risen up to get you listed fast!

My advice - save your money, and put the elbow grease to work - you'll be all the better for it. And if your really thinking, it won't take long.

Copyright 2005 Diane Thomas


Ann Arbor Book Festival Short Story Contest

Entry Fee: $10
Prizes: $100
Deadline: August 1, 2005
Submit original short stories. The winner of the annual Ann Arbor Book Festival Short Story Contest receives a cash prize and publication in Hobart.


FundsForWriters Annual Essay Contest

Theme: Your Hurdle, Your Success. 500-1000 words in essay form. Deadline October 31, 2005. Two categories open to applicants. $5 entry fee makes entrant eligible for the $100 first prize. No entry fee makes entrant eligible for the $50 first prize. Second prize is a $25 gift certificate at and third prize is a TOTAL FundsforWriters subscription valued at $12. Each category has a second and a third prize. First and second place winners posted on the FundsforWriters website beginning December 1, 2005.


Heart & Soul: Call For True Stories Of Love And Faith

The popular book series A CUP OF COMFORT provides a highly visible, paid publishing opportunity for heartwarming true stories about the experiences and relationships that comfort, inspire, and enrich our lives. Now accepting submissions for Parents of Children with Autism . Additional volumes planned.

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&'s Annual Speculative Fiction Contest

Entry Fee: $7
Prizes: $300
Deadline: August 15, 2005
Dedicated to helping aspiring science fiction, fantasy, and horror writers find an audience for their work along with putting a little cash in their pockets. The contest is open to both published and unpublished writers.

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"Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage." Ralph Waldo Emerson

To Your Success,
Diane Thomas


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