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eBook Crossroads Insider -- Invitation To Become An Author
May 05, 2006

eBook Crossroads Insider

May 5, 2006
Volume 5, Issue #1
Diane Thomas, Editor:

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From The Editor's Desk
Invitation To Become An Author
What's Hot!
Private Label Rights - The Internet's New Hot Commodity
Parting Thought
Legal Issues
Privacy Policy


A special welcome to all of our new subscribers!

Spring seems to have finally arrived in upstate New York - and about time I might add!

Now is a great time to get all your "ducks in a row". Get that spring cleaning done and gear up your business for the summer!

If your contemplating getting into the lucrative eBook writing business check out the "Invitation To Become An Author". A great teleseminar by Glenn Deitzel. I think you'll love this - and hopefully I'll see you there!

If your undecided about how to proceed with your online business you'll get lots of ideas, products and information at the give-a-ways listed below.

These give-a-ways are really great for getting an education in different areas without a cash layout, plus if your into resell rights you can get products for nothing to build your business. You definitely can't beat the price!

One word of advice, don't download everything. Just take what you will use. There will be other give-a-ways - Otherwise you'll overload your computer and make yourself very confused.

Been there - done that! Best bet is to set up some file folders so you know exactly what you've got and why you downloaded them.

Till, next time...


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Free Give-a-ways...Check these out and download all the FR.EE gifts you can use.

Underground Give-A-Way

Niche Resellers Give-A-Way

Steven Hancock's Birthday Giveaway will launch on May 12. It's a 10 day event with a lot of great gifts for you. If you would like to be a JV partner you can sign up here:

For the rest of you, I'll send you a reminder around launch time.

BRAND NEW, smoking HOT products

For a limited time only - get fully editable, never before seen products that you can claim as your own and sell at any price you choose! You'll have to be quick - only 500 packages will be sold. Click here now!

Private Label Rights - The Internet's New Hot Commodity!

We all know about Resell Rights. We've all read about them, purchased them, or used them to build our businesses, but what are Private Label Rights?

Private Label Rights have been used very successfully offline for many years. For instance many supermarkets and stores have used them to present the illusion of having their own line of products.

Well, now it's the latest craze on the Internet. Products, articles and books can now be purchased to use as your own. You can put your own name on them and change them in any way you choose so they actually "become" your own product - but without all the work!

First, let's sort out the differences between Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights and Private Label Rights.

Resell Rights (also known as re-print rights) provide the user the right to resell or give-away products. Although these products are now "yours", you get to keep 100% of the purchase price, but you cannot make any changes to the product.

In some cases, particularly with eBooks, you may be allowed to "rebrand" the book. This means that a way will be provided for you to change affiliate links in the book to your own, but you cannot change anything else.

Master Resell Rights take this one step further and allow you to resell or give away the resell rights to the product as well as keeping all the profits from the sale of the product.

When you purchase Resell Rights you will be presented with the terms. You may be allowed to sell the product but not give it away. You may or may not have the right to package it with other products or use it as a bonus for another product, or a membership site. This will all be stipulated - so be sure you read carefully what rights you are actually receiving.

Now that we've cleared up some of the confusion, let's get to our topic.

Private Label Rights are determined by the seller, so again, read carefully the description of exactly what your rights to the product will be.

You can purchase the total rights to software, electronic books graphics and articles. This allows you to change them, and put your name on them as the "creator". This is the ideal scenario. You are now an author or software creator!

You may leave them as they are and simply put your name on them or you can make changes to make them totally your own, but with only a small portion of the work involved that it would take you to create them from creation to finished product.

There are many benefits to Private Label Rights. Some we have already mentioned, but here are some others that might be of value:

Depending on the product it might be possible to create a variety of products from one original source. For instance you could split the contents making several products, or repackage them to suit different markets. Be creative...

Purchasing several products and combining them to make one extraordinary product is also a possibility. Having the capability of altering, changing or improving these products, the possibilities seem endless.

You can purchase these products in packages, but presently the preference is joining membership sites where you join for a monthly fee and are offered a certain number of new products each month.

The products are usually free (for the cost of membership), and many provide customizable sales letters, autoresponder series and other options,

Most of the sites have limited membership to ensure that the products are not massively used. The smallest I have seen is 300 members.

Most of these offerings are legitimate but as with anything having to do with money there can be problems. So be careful out there!

Private Label Rights can be an excellent opportunity for marketing and growing your business. They can be used to get one-way links, build your list, build your traffic, grow your profits and many other possibilities - all at a minimal cost and less work than you ever thought possible.

eBook Crossroads has published some pages that explain how to use Private Label Products, how to alter them, how to make money with them, and where to find them.

So if you want to learn about this latest Internet craze and it's potential for your business please visit


"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now." Goethe

To Your Success,
Diane Thomas


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