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eBook Crossroads Insider -- Wrong Link!
May 07, 2006

eBook Crossroads Insider

May 7, 2006
Volume 5, Issue #1:2
Diane Thomas, Editor:

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My apologies for sending you another eMail so soon, but it was brought to my attention that the link for the writing seminar was incorrect - Thanks Ross!

The correct url is here:

Here is a copy of the invitation as it should have been written.


What If You Could Get INSTANT Access To A New York Publisher WITHOUT A Formal Book Proposal And WITHOUT An Agent?

- And Write Your Best Sel.ler in Less Than 12 Hours Of Actual Writing Time!

Are you tired of that manuscript sitting on your hard drive, but not going anywhere?

Are you tired of knowing that you have a best sel.ler inside of you, but have no game plan to get it out?

Have you always wanted to author a best seller, but scared because you have no formal writing experience, and perhaps have even flunked high school English?

Are you tired of attending high priced authoring and publishing seminars only to find that you are no further in terms of actually getting your book out?

What if you had a program that held your hand and showed you exactly how to author a best sel.ler in less than 12 hours of actual writing time?

Great News, Finally - a revolutionary program to help you become a weal.thy problem solver as a best selling authoring!

This is so hot that it is rocking the printing presses globally right down to their foundations!

Now is your time to listen to the global leader in entrepreneurial authoring who has shared the floor with some of the biggest names in the authoring and publishing world!

I'll see you on the call,!



, Finally…A Revolutionary Program To Help You Become A Wea.lthy Problem Solver As A Best Sel.ling Authoring In Less Than 12 Hours Of Actual Writing!

…And gain INSTANT access to a New York Publisher Without A Formal Book Proposal And Without An Agent!

This is really a good opportunity so be sure and check it out - and thanks again for your patience.

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