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September 20, 2010

September 20, 2010 *****************************************************************

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I have a couple of things for you this week. First up is an article on article marketing. Following that is some information on another topic of interest for most people trying to make a living online.


==>Article Marketing: 3 Things to Remember

As you probably already know, Article marketing is one of the oldest and most effective techniques for getting targeted prospects to your site and converting them into buyers.

To begin with, people just love free things - and articles are free. They also provide necessary information that is being sought out by prospective buyers. So when you provide this information without compensation, you have already softened them up as a prospective customer.

Whether you have your own products or are promoting affiliate products,writing promotional articles can produce profits, make others aware of who you are and gain backlinks to your website. This is a win-win situation for you!

For these reasons I urge you to get out your creative writing skills and get started today.

For your best results, keep these three things in mind...

1. Donít confuse the reason youíre writing an article with the reason youíre promoting the article. What I mean by that is, donít make your article an advertisement. Youíre writing the article to provide information, make sure that is what you do.

Focus your articles on the subject at hand. Provide good information for your readers. Make sure it is interesting and truthful. Donít slant your writing to fit a particular product. Yes, you want the article to support the product, but donít use any untruthful statements to do so.

The time to concentrate on the reason for promoting the article is at the end of the article and in the resource box. In other words, your last paragraph should induce them to want to click on the resource box for more information on the subject.

2. Remember to maximize all of the opportunities provided by article marketing. By that I mean, donít forget youíre not just promoting a product, youíre promoting yourself and your website.

With this in mind, make sure your articles are well written, free of spelling and grammatical errors (thatís what "spell check" and "grammar check" are there for), and are keyword optimized.

Whether your article is published in article directories or on your website (or both), getting them listed well in the search engines is a real advantage.

Therefore make sure you use a keyword, preferably a three-word keyword phrase, and place this phrase in your title, first paragraph and last paragraph. Using it as an anchor text in your last paragraph can be very helpful, but check directory guidelines first as some directories do not allow this practice.

3. Write good content. This should be a given, but Iíve seen so many articles that have been "spun" and make absolutely no sense, and otherswhere it is very obvious that no research was done on the topic, that I feel it should be addressed here.

Even if youíre articles are approved by directories, if they make no sense they will not be approved by potential customers. You can fool the search engines too, but you wonít fool customers, so hope for sales or relevant backlinks from a badly written article are slim to none.

People respond very well to facts, figures and statistics. To back up points youíre trying to make use statistics and quotes from the experts. Doing this will show that youíve done your research and will build trust with your readers.

Donít lose your article by placing keywords all through it. For one thing itís not necessary and could end up having you penalized for "keyword stuffing", on top of that, your article may no longer make sense.

If you are contemplating article marketing or are already using it as part of your marketing strategy, for best results please remember these three things for successful marketing. Now, go forth and prosper!


Here's something else that should be of interest to you...

Did you know that copywriters are some of the highest paid, in-demand people online and off?

It's their ability to transform words into vivid pictures to create a clear picture of a situation and funnel it into invoking an emotional response from the reader.

How would you like to learn the trade secrets of the most sought after copywriters today - the ones that generate thousands of dollars for every page they write?

Whether you simply want to write high quality sales pages for your website or you would like to become a high-paid copywriter yourself, I have just the book for you...

Not only that the book comes in MP3 and Video format, so you can learn in the best way possible for you!

Here are a few things you'll learn: How to use combinations of power words, learn about "money spots", critical elements you need to avoid, how to invoke response driven emotions, and even how you can make a fortune as a copywriter yourself!

This is powerful stuff! Take a look here:

Have a great week!

To Your Unlimited Success,

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